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I Would Like To Report A Terrorist Please!

You owe a shit load of money to a business associate, what do you do? Hmm, contact the FBI and claim the associate is planning to blow up Time Square, that’s what! The Joint Terrorism Task Force then spent 5 months and  more than $1 million on a wild goose chase to unearth info about the terrorist plot. Syed Omair Ali, the fool, even wore a secret wire to record conversations with the associate in the hope he would say something damning. Brilliant! In the end the frustrated investigators confronted Ali and he cracked like a rotten egg. Hmm, that’s eight years in prison right there! Dumbass.


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Not The Smartest Way To Get Off Work Early

Hate work and want to go home early? Well, if you work at the Ministry of Justice in England you just make a few hoax bomb calls to get your wish. Andre Lake (26) had been working in the Youth Justice Office for 4 months but “no longer enjoyed his work, had no annual leave left and he wanted to leave early” so he made two 999 phone calls. Only problem was he made the calls from inside the friggin building and from areas that needed a swipe card for access. Areas he only had  accessed to at the time of the calls. Friggin dumbass Y gen!

Psst Well he can look on the bright side now, he doesn’t have to go to his shitty job no more!


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OK, I’m sorry, I’ve got to say it….Casey Affleck you are a friggin idiot. Phew, there I said it. Friggin smug  fool has just announced that the documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s meltdown, “I’m Still Here” was a hoax. No shit Sherlock. Hello, do you think we are that stupid? We already friggin knew that! For crying out loud for the last year every friggin Hollywood gossip site and magazine has been reporting that Joaquin’s weird behavior is fake . I even outta ya. You missed the mockumentary boat, it sailed in 2004. OK, I know you are brothers-in-law and all, but really, this is some kind of awkward. I just hope this doesn’t ruin Phoenix’s career! Yours, I’m not all that worried about!


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I Think It’s A Croc

Cue eyebrow raise. This photo of a Northern Territory  monster croc, believed to have been caught in the 1990’s , has been scaring the shit out of people on the net. Now, locals near Manangoora claim there is another friggin one,  just  like it, stealing their cattle. Hmm, I don’t loons, looks fake to me…or is that just wishful thinking?


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Friggin Uncle Earl

Remember Rick Norsigian? You know , the dude who  bought a load of glass negs at a garage sale for $40, had them analyzed by experts  , was told  they were taken by Ansel Adams and were estimated to be worth about $200 million. Yeah, him. Well, funny thing  about all that. During all the kerfuffle in the media, Mariam  Walton happened to notice one of the images  looked suspiciously like her Uncle Earl’s . Dagnabbit. Oh boy, her  uncle Earl Brooks was also a snap happy photographer and spent many a day at the Yosemite National Park during the 1920’s. Mariam has compared both photos and just for a few different cloud formations  they look pretty close to being identical. Hmm, oh well look on the bright side,  despite Mr Norsigian spending a shit load of money to discover his negs are worth Jack, Mariam can now  live in the knowledge  Uncle Earl’s images were in the same class as Ansel Adams even if for just a brief moment in time.Hmm, I guess those negs are going back under the pool table hey Rick?

Psst Thanks Duncan for the hands up.

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Russell Crowe Is Alive And Tweeting

News flash….. Russell Crowe says he’s not dead, after rumors of his demise, down the side of a mountain in Austria, were greatly exaggerated!

Psst Wish I could say the same for his latest flick!


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You Sure Will Be Remembered

Way to go!

OK, here’s the thing Lars O’Mara, making a fake bomb as a senior prank so you can be remembered is kinda stupid. No, really! The sus device, which was made from used cell phone parts, wires, electrical tape and bits off a Gameboy, was found at the Arnold High School taped to the bottom of a sink in the boys toilets. Everybody panic. Within minutes students were evacuated, traffic was blocked off and the bomb squad notified. O’mara was later arrested after telling investigators he made it for the “purpose of gaining popularity by pulling off a memorable senior prank and getting everyone out of class,”  Hmm, so manufacturing a hoax explosive device and a second-degree felony charge is going to look fantastic on your resume?

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Walmart Story Of The Week

Geez, and hear I was thinking  a Walmart free week! Not to worry, Kyle Sumrall has come to the rescue. Mr Sumrall really wanted a Hoover Vacuum but didn’t want to pay for it so he whacked a syringe into a pack of ground beef and then showed a Walmart employee to create a diversion. He then walked out with his $395 Hoover. Oh boy, it seems he had been using the syringe trick several times to nick stuff. Anywho, he is now facing … creating a hoax within a public building, injury to personal property and larceny charges…hmm, now he’s got something else that sucks!


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Ohio Councilman Punkd on Craigslist

No really, I shouldn't laugh!

Riverside City Councilman Mike Denning and his wife were horrified to see hordes of people with trucks and trailers outside their house. Seems they were all there for the big Denning giveaway, promoted on the popular craigslist site. Yes, some practical joker placed an ad on craigslist saying the Dennings were leaving the country and everything they owned was being given away. Hope the joker covered his trail because the judge has  just served a subpoena on Craigslist to reveal the person who placed the ad. Run I say, run!


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Hello UFO Hunters, Get Your Stories Straight

OK, no need for alarm, but can anyone explain these strange lights evidently filmed over Dublin’s River Liffey? Hmm, looks suspiciously identical to footage filmed at Freemont California in 2008. Me thinks someone is having a lend.

Psst Don’t radioactive geese fly in a V formation?




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