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Home Alone

You plan an overseas trip with your step children but their new passports don’t arrive on time…what do you do? Hmm, you leave them home and go on the trip yourself right? Hmm, not when they are only 4 and 6 you don’t. A Western Australia woman has been arrested at the airport after she left the little kiddies to fend for themselves while she went to Bali. Oh and yes the children’s father was overseas as well. The children were distraught when discovered. The step mother is taking no responsibility but is  instead throwing the post office under the bus for not delivering the kiddies passports on time. It’s just one big mess.


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What We Have Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate!

The Loon is temporary on a little break down by the seaside. Hmm, unfortunately due to the primitive location (away from the maddening crowd) I have to write from a run down roadhouse because there is no friggin Internet connection. If by any chance you don’t see a post within 24 hours it means I have been abducted by a trucker or Kim Jong Il! But don’t fear I will still be posting….even if I am bound and gagged!

Psst By the way I am collecting some great toilet graffiti for future posts!

UPDATE : Geez, after having to endure the grossest fast food ever and bad coffee I have bought myself a huge friggin antenna and am now broadcasting from the beach!!! Happy NOW ?


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