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Hollywood or Bust

Well Hollywood, you should be hanging your head in  shame. With all the recent rolling up of the red carpet to expose what has been swept under it,  I just shake my head. This behaviour should have been eradicated decades ago when Hollywood icon Shirley Temple  Black  exposed the “trip to the casting couch” for many young actors (including herself). But what was the response?  Friggin crickets.

Year after year I have sat through  actors using the Academy Awards to vent about….decent roles for women…. decent roles for African Americans…. we hate our President….what about slaves…Jews…transgenders. This social bandwagon has got so bad the Academy Awards are no longer about the “best movie” but what social agenda they want to push each year.

In the last few weeks I have watched high profile actors and actresses ducking for cover over the sexual abuse accusations. One Hollywood icon said she had heard rumblings about it but didn’t act because it didn’t happen to her. Another called Weinstein “a god”.  A few comedians  have made “clever insinuating” jokes but no one has had the balls to confront it head on. All these teary Oscar acceptance speeches, gushing about how the industry has everyone’s backs and what a great collective group of talented people they are, just seems so hollow. Especially when one of the culprits is sitting in the audience.

Please don’t get me started on all the Hollywood child actors who have turned to drugs or have died young. God knows what lead them there.

Hypocritical Hollywood should take a long hard look at themselves before they start telling us how to think, feel and act!

PSST Dear god please don’t let them use this as their next Academy Awards theme! Considering they all turned a blind eye.



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Who’s Lighting The Great Fires Of Hollywood?

Can you get me an autograph?

A mysterious arsonist has been setting Tinsel Town ablaze for the past several days. So far 40 deliberate fires have been lit, starting with cars and spreading to buildings. Despite police having two people in custody , seven more fires were lit overnight. Several Hollywood landmarks have been targeted including a house Jim Morrison lived in and a building near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre  (Hollywood Walk of Fame).

Psst Please don’t let them make a movie about this!!!!


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CBS Evacuated

Run famous people, run!!! Police have evacuated CBS building in Hollywood after a suspicious white powder spilled out of a letter. Damn straight al Qaeda hate David Lettermen. Hmm, just don’t tell them he works out of New York. No word on who the letter was addressed to but it wasn’t Nancy or Chaz.

Psst Hollywood. White powder. I have a fair idea what it probably is!


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SpongeBob ScaredyPants

What were you saying about SpongeBob SquarePants, Bearman? Sheez, nothing worse than watching Spongebob get whipped by two women! Nasty! That’s all folks!


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Heidi The Cross Eyed Opossum is Going Hollywood!

Oh for crying out loud, remember Heidi the cross eyed opossum? Yeah, her. Well anywho, seems she is taking over from where Paul the octopus left off and is going to be predicting this years Oscars. Good luck with that you little fluff ball, hope you don’t see double!!!

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Rumor Friggin Mill

It’s back!!!!! Sheez, hasn’t been much happening in Hollywood of late until Miley went and bonged herself on Saliva Salvia. Sweet niblets, that’s a achie breakie hallucinate drug dumbass. Splitsville for Zac Efron and Vannessa Whatshername, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan “get me out of this friggin coffin” Reynolds and Dexter and his sister.Wedding bells for Hulk Hogan and his handbag, 35 year old Jennifer McDaniels.Oprah left Hugh Jackman in stitches (literally) after a stunt went wrong, which proves what I always suspected, Wolverine is full of shit. Speaking of which, Australia just got a whole lot lighter with the big O departing our shores with her studio audience, big sigh of relief from the Aussie golliwogs.

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Who killed the great publicist of Hollywood?

Five bullets to chest sounds more like a movie script than the way one of Hollywood’s top publicists met her demise. Ronni Chasen had just left the premier and after party of Cher and Christina Aguilera’s movie Burlesque when she was gunned down while driving her Merc through Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Chasen had promoted the Oscar winning films Driving Miss Daisy and  On Golden Pond and her clients included Janet Jackson, Diane Warren, Irwin Winkler and Richard Zanuck.

UPDATE : It seems Ms Chasen suspected she was being followed as early as March (following the Oscars). She told friends she was scared but didn’t have a clue why she was being targeted. Hmm, Oscars you say? Didn’t Cameron lose to his ex twice? Hmm!

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Hollywood or Bust Up

Hey loons, see if you can match the famous people with their spouses? Laura Dern, David Arquette, Ben Harper, Christina Aguilera  Courtney Cox and  Jordan Bratman. Ah never mind…divorce is the new black in Hollywood.


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Oh for the love of god Lindsay, can you stop snorting long enough to get on Oprah. Yoyo Lindsay spent less than 24 hours behind bars after failing two drug tests before she was granted bail.Duh, how can we follow the train wreck if she’s behind bars? Eddie Fisher passed away.OK for anyone too young to know who the hell he was, he’s Carrie Fisher’s papa (Princess Leia for goodness sakes).Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds before Liz Taylor got her talons into him.  Michael Jackson’s mom claims she can’t live on $26,000 a month. Hmm, lets see $26,000 divided by 348 freeloading relis that’s like $74.72 each. They are about to foreclose on Octomom’s house so she had a yard sale. Why bother, she’ll soon be a free boarder compliments of the US taxpayers.Sheez, talk about an irresponsible uterus. Oh and last but not least Aussie actress Portia de Rossi is now officially Portia DeGeneres.You’re owned!


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Leading the rumor mill this week is Lindsay’s failure at taking tests.Drug tests that is.Did I mention twice? Hmm, she must like orange and cocaine. Meanwhile over in Paris Hilton, she’s copped herself a plea bargain to avoid yet another stint in jail. That’s a year probation, showing face at a drug abuse program , $2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service (hmm, I wonder who she’ll pay to do those for her?). Oh and British bad boy Russell Perry Brand has been  citizen arrested at LAX for slapping paparazzi . Katy Perry’s  response via twitter ” If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me.” (fine job I might add!). Remember Shelley Malil from 40 year old Virgin? No? Oh well not to worry , his career is pretty much in the toilet after being found guilty of attempted murder after knifing his girlfriend.  Riki Lake learned the hard way that refueling a portable heater is way harder than it looks. She accidentally set the couch on fire which lead to her rental house burning to the ground. And way over the other side of the Atlantic George Michael is getting sick to death of fellow inmates singing Faith and Freedom because none of them can sing them in tune!


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