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What Would it Take?

police 7What would it take to get you to surrender to police after hiding out in the woods for 2 days following a home invasion? Well, if you were the dude in Maine it would be Mountain Dew and a chocolate milk.

Psst Me? A nice bottle of champagne and maybe some sushi


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Robbed and Penis Whipped

sleeping 2Could your day get any worse?  A woman not only had to deal with the trauma of a home invasion but also the humiliation of being slapped around the face by one of the robber’s penis. No, I haven’t made it up. The two men confronted the owner outside the house before entering and confronting the owner’s daughter-in-law who was asleep in her bedroom. They put a gun to her head and demanded money. When she said she didn’t have any, one of the dude’s whipped out his penis and began slapping her around the face with it yelling ‘Bitch give me the money.’  Good gracious, who knows where that has been  …. not enough soap in the world  😦  . Anywho, , they eventually left penniless but took two TVs on the way out. Seems they may have followed her after she took out money from a ATM earlier.



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The Problem With Tweeting

Actress robbed after tweeting she was home aloneWhen you are a tad famous, it probably isn’t a wise thing to tweet you are home alone, unless of course you want three screwdriver and saw wielding robbers coming over…. isn’t that right Helen Flanagan? After the British actress unintentionally mentioned she was home by herself she found herself being confronted by the home invaders. The thieves got away with Jewelery, a mobile phone and a really great story to tell their mates.

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That’s Using Your Feet!

Sheez, a round of applause to Amy Windom for managing to use her toes to type out an SOS on her laptop after being tied to a bed during a home invasion. The intruder, who was wearing a ski mask, ransacked her house, tied her to the bed,  then fled in her car. Windom was able to use the laptop on her bed to type out a message with her toes to her boyfriend who promptly called 911.

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Extreme Break Ins

Lordie, lordie, lordie what evil lurks on our streets? Anna Fancsali and her family were horrified when they arrived home to discover not only was their living room splattered in  blue paint but their poor little white Shih Tzu , Muffin, was too. Vandals had broken into their house and gone wild. Holes were punched into their 46″ TV, the computer monitor smashed to smithereens, pictures slashed and walls dented. Oh and it just gets worse, her bedroom had been egged and dill pickles and olive oil dumped on the floor along with her clothes. Her jewelry box, medication and a few Xbox games belonging to her kids were the only things missing. Down in the basement they had removed all the frozen food from the freezer and thrown it around the house. Ms Fancsali was one of five houses broken into by a 16 year old and his mate (who can’t be named). All the homes were splattered with paint and at several they had pooed on the carpets. At one house they had put the family pet gecko in the microwave and cooked him to a crisp. The 16 year old is well known to police and has a string of priors. Both will be sentenced this week.

Psst Might want to avoid using your toothbrush…I’m just saying!

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Stiff Upper Lip

That's when your heartache begins!

Oh for crying out loud Anthony Brandon Gonzales, if you are going to lead a life of crime I suggest you a) avoid home invading an Elvis impersonator and b) remove the friggin tattoo on your upper lip! Gonzales was identified by the tattoo which read “East Side” on his upper lip. He also has 13 other tatts on his chin shaped like a goatee, which were also visible through his mask. Jailhouse rock, my friend, jailhouse rock!


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Taser My Daughter Bro

OK, here’s the thing mister, I wouldn’t guarantee the police won’t taser you even if you use your 2 year old as a shield. Come on you know their track record! Jesse Cox used his daughter as a human shield to avoid getting tasered but isn’t too sure what he is going to use to avoid getting 4 years in prison! Cox had broken into the house of his ex wife at the time of the incident.


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And He Went Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

Ann Senior accidentally forgot to lock her door before going to bed and as luck would have it, a man waltzed into her home while she was sleeping. He went into the kitchen and stole a tub of ice cream and a tin of tuna before entering Ms Senior’s bedroom. She awoke at 12.15 am to find him at the foot of her bed with one of her bras on his head. She screamed and chased the fool out the back door with her catheter bag in  hand.  Don’t mess with middle-aged women from Townsville would-be weirdos!


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