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Problem Solved

How bad does a Honolulu homesless woman stink? Enough to move a whole friggin bus stop so drivers and passengers can avoid the stench. The elderly woman has been living in the concrete bus shelter for the past year and sometimes the stench is so bad it wafts into the bus when the doors open. As a response the bus company have moved the stop 60m down the road so she can smell in peace.

Psst Hmm, here’s a thought, instead of moving the bus stop, how’s about finding a better location for the woman, like say a homeless shelter or mental facility?

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Over My Dead Body

You sure do pong today, Missy!

OK, here’s the thing lady, if a homeless woman dies in your car, don’t friggin leave her in there for months, she’ll friggin stink. A woman in California was caught by police with a mummified body in her car. She explained that she had let the homeless woman use her car to sleep in but when she died she panicked…. thus the stinking , mummified body propped up in the passenger seat. Police believe the body could have been in the car for up to 10 months.


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