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From Rags To Riches

Well I’ll be. Two brothers who live in a cave in Hungary, because they are so friggin poor, are set to inherit a share of a  £4 billion fortune. Seems Zslot and Geza Peladi had a filthy rich grandmother they didn’t know about. Lawyers for her estate did some genealogical research and bippity boppity boo they tracked down the cavemen through homeless charity workers. Dear god I hope this isn’t a Nigerian scam!


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Bags The Back Seat

Ok, living in a car because you are homeless is bad enough, living in your car with your two sons because you are homeless even worse, living in a car when you are 97 and your sons are 60 and 62, disgraceful. Bessie Mae Berger and her two sons live in a rusty 1973  Chevrolet Suburban which they park on a busy street in LA. They spend most of their time in parks and wash up in a  local shopping center. Hmm, they live mostly on Bessie’s $375 monthly Social Security check, Larry’s (one son) $300 food stamp allocation and Charlie’s (the other son) $637 disability payments which they collect from the Westside Center for Independent Living. They say it is hard to find housing because they don’t want to be split up.

Psst At least Bessie Mae gets the front seat. Ah, you want to read the full story you can find it in the LA Times.


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Bee Gone

OK, here’s the thing people, it isn’t a good idea to rid your condo of a beehive by dowsing it with hairspray then igniting it! Now dozens of people are homeless and the bees are pissed thanks to the raging fire!


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Council Bans Feeding The Homeless

Don't feed the people please!

Don't feed the people please!

A church organization has been ordered to stop feeding the homeless because they don’t have permits to serve food.The City of Bayswater slapped the order on Shopfront, the Catholic Church run organization located in Maylands, Western Australia last week.  Shopfront has about 100 volunteers who provide food and support to the 1500 (and growing) disadvantaged people who seek their help each month. The food is regularly donated from local Catholic schools, charities and individuals. Hmm, watch the crime rate in that area soar! Some of the locals are concerned that Maylands has become “homeless central” after other suburbs have taken measures to remove them out of their areas.Feed them and they will come!

Psst There were rumors that the Perth City council had given the homeless free train tickets to get them out of the Capital City’s center and into the suburbs.


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