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Rogue Shark Strikes Again

OK, note to self, do not go swimming in the Seychelles, friggin sharks! The honeymoon ended for a British couple after Ian Redmond was attacked and killed by a 2 m shark while snorkeling 10m off Anse Lazio beach. They are calling it a “rogue” shark that has been stalking swimmers for at least a month. Rogue? I’d called it nasty assed! Two weeks ago a French diver was killed by presumably the same “nasty assed” shark. The couple had been on their finally week of their honeymoon.

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Albert’s In The Doghouse

Egads, did anyone watch the sad, sad, fairytale horror film  that was Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding? The bride was in tears and her groom had a face like thunder. It was worse than awkward. Rumor has it Charlene had discovered just prior to the nuptials that Albert had been screwing around during their engagement and may have got the other woman preggers. Good grief!  How many friggin DNA tests can a prince be force to take for goodness sakes? Anywho, seems poor Charlene tried to bolt several times before the wedding but was foiled each time by Monaco minders. You see Albert needs an heir quick smart or he won’t have anyone to succeed him.Hmm, seems his 4 2 illegitimate kiddies don’t count!  So Charlene was the lucky soul assigned to producing the offspring. But now that she is really, really, pissed off with him I don’t think there will be no  pitter patter of tiny little feet  anytime soon unless they go IVF. Oh and don’t be thinking she could be wooed out of her disgust by spending their honeymoon at the $3,400 a night presidential suite at the luxury Oyster Box Hotel in South Africa. Nope, seems they scrapped that plan. Charlene downsized to a cheaper room and Albert packed his bags and headed to the Hilton 16kms down the road. Welcome to married life Albert!



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Murder 101

Note to self… if you want to bump off your wife in a high crime rate country, don’t organize it during your honeymoon or the world media will be all over it like blowies to bait! Shrien Dewani has been arrested in England for the alleged hit on his bride, Anni,  after the taxi driver (who was in on it) made a plea deal. Seems Dewani organized to have his wife murdered in South Africa during their honeymoon because he believed it would be seen as just another case of a random act of violence.

Psst Obviously it isn’t hard to find a hitman in South Africa.Hmm, nice tourist angle for couples….Club Dead!


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No Happy Ending

Two days after getting married Motty Borger got out of bed and jumped from his Brooklyn hotel window in an apparent suicide while his bride slept.Friends and family say there were no signs of trouble at the wedding as he sang, danced and enjoyed the festivities.


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