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Are You Pudding Me?

OK… I’m just gonna put it out there. I would so go to Hong Kong or Japan  just to try this…

Oh and wait…there is more …it pukes too



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Sun Eating Anyone?

Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the Oxford English dictionary? Seems a group of Chinese women sun eaters didn’t either. Introducing the new fad in Hong Kong …. sun eating… where women stare into the sun to lose weight. Just as the sun sets they gather to glare at the it, in the belief they will lose their appetite, improve their vision and get better sleep. Short of nuking their retinas the women believe they will eventually have no desire to eat food ever again. Good luck with that.


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Can You Hear The Lambs Clarice?

asianSo what’s for lunch? Well, if you are Chau Hoi-leung it is probably your parents with rice! Egads, the spoiled 30 year old was furious when his parents told him he should get a job. So he and his buddy invited them over to Hoi-leung’s (parent funded) flat in Hong Kong before killing them, cutting them up and then eating them with rice. The leftovers, including the heads, were stored in large refrigerators. When quizzed by police he said his parents were to blame because they no longer wanted to fund his lavish lifestyle.


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I Can’t Eat A Pet

I wasn’t quite expecting to eat a goldfish when I ordered Dim Sum in Hong Kong. I suppose it is one way to dispose of a dead pet.


Psst Of course I ate it eat it , but I did refuse to eat the other thing. I think it was a kidney of something small too.


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Death By Cucumber

Oh for goodness sakes Chin Wei putting a cucumber up your butt is not considered a suicide attempt. The Hong Kong man was found in a pool of blood after trying to kill himself with the elongated fruit vegetable but doctors say he merely tore his anus and it wasn’t considered life threatening. Mr Wei said he was attempting a variation of the Japanese ritual suicide hara-kiri.

Psst Thank god a pineapple wasn’t handy!


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Just When You Least Expect It

Ah Shit!

Oh dear, a Hong Kong woman has died after an elderly woman plunged from her 27th floor apartment and landed, kaboom, right on top of her. It is believed the 74 year old woman slipped while fetching clothes, fell over the balcony then landed on the unsuspecting Chan Kwai-mui. In a morbid twist of fate Ms Chan’s hubby died when a crane fell on him a few years earlier. Police say the women were ” found in a heap”.


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Using Worms To Lose Weight

Good luck with that!

Oh for goodness sakes, doctors in Hong Kong have warned fanatic dieters to stop swallowing parasitic worms to lose weight. The friggin things, when swallowed  can grow up to 15 inches long and cause all sorts of complications including malnutrition, vomiting, and diarrhea. Urgh ,  the Ascaris worm (aka large friggin roundworm) can also lay up to 200,000 eggs while crawling around your intestines. Worst case scenario is you have to have them surgically removed. Be fat people!


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