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Horse Meat Used In Lab Experiments

horse and vetOK , no need to worry good people of Britain but remember all the kerfuffle about horse meat being substituted for beef in your food? Hmm, yeah, well, on a bummer note it seems some of it may have come from lab horses. And by lab horses I mean horses used in lab experiments. And by lab experiments I mean from companies like Sanofi Pasteur, who use animals to test vaccines.  On a brighter note it seems the majority of lab meat was eaten by the French.  France’s French consumer affairs minister Benoît Hamon said that the meat could pose a ‘major risk’ to public health as it was unfit for human consumption. Bon appetite.


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Not In The IKEA Meatballs!!!!

We don't care

We don’t care

IKEA’s Swedish meatballs have been removed from stores in 20 countries because they suspect they contain horse meat .

Psst I suggest you assemble your own meatballs in future.


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Excuse Me Waiter This Lasagne Tastes Like Glue



Hear ye, hear ye , good people of Britain , step away from Findus Beef Lasagne, there is 60% 100% horse meat in that there meal!!! The tests are in and UK authorities have declared that the lasagne contains quite the chunk of horse. Three companies from Ireland and Britain have so far been busted for mislabeling the meat content in their products. The big egads, is that no one is sure if the horse meat has been tested for the presence of the veterinary drug phenylbutazone which can cause serious side effects to humans. I’m guessing that’s a nay and also probably a nag!!!!


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