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A Horse Walks Into a Bar

And the bartender says ….. Why such a long face?


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Don’t Fence Me In

Mariska the Friesian mare (AKA Houdini), has issues with being locked in her stall. She prefers to roam free and help herself to food whenEVER. Or, the other thought is  she has read the British newspapers and doesn’t want to end up in a Findus beef lasagne.


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Cow Photobombs a Horse


November 1, 2012 · 1:05 pm

Chamber of Horror

What the? A woman and a horse have been blown up after the hyperbaric chamber they were using at the Equine Rehabilitation Center in Florida, exploded. Evidently the horse was kicking inside the chamber when a spark from its shoe ignited a chemical substance. The explosion could be heard from miles away and rattled windows.

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And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

This is what happens when your parents won’t let you get a  horse. When Regina Mayer’s parents said no to her getting a showjumping horse she saddled up one of the cows (Luna) on her parents dairy farm and set to work training it to jump.

Psst Story was brought to you by Al Jazeera (must have been a slow news day?)


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A Horse Walks Into A Bar…..

Beer, the nectar of the gods, has saved the life of a horse with a bad case of colic. Steve Clibborn thought his prized endurance horse Diamond Mojo was a goner after it began suffering from colic. However in a last ditched effort to save the ailing creature Steve decided to try an old bush remedy, beer. Soon after pouring a can of XXXX into the horse’s mouth it let out a gigantic burp, then viola, the horse began improving. So down went another few cans of XXXX and within a few days the horse was as right as rain…..pissed, but as right as rain.


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Excited Horse Fail

When a horse gets excited it’s probably best to just get off…

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A Horse Is Like A Tree

A little word of advice, when sedating a horse make sure it doesn’t fall on you. Firefighters were called into rescue a vet in Devon after the horse she was trying to untangle from a fence fell asleep on her after she sedated it. Horse 1, vet 0.

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There Is A God

And cue horse….


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How Much Horse Power Does Your Car Have?

You know there is nothing worse when you are driving along and a friggin horse jumps onto your car and puts his hooves right through your windscreen. Hate that!

Psst Don’t you worry, the horse escaped with only minor injures! Hmm, but I’m guessing the car owner is going to have a right old time trying to convince the insurance agency what really happened!

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