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What Your Mother Never Told You



OK, I knew it, I friggin knew those nasty little brussels sprouts were deadly. Just ask the poor  man from Ayrshire who was hospitalized for eating too many.  Seems those horrid little bitter mini cabbages contain vitamin K which promotes blood clotting. So don’t be feeding them to anyone with a dodgy ticker unless of course you want gramps inheritance early.


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Senior Citizens Excellent Adventure

Dude, where's my car?

OK, here’s the thing, when preparing a wake for senior cits, probably  not a good idea to spike the brownies with marijuana. I’m just saying. Two elderly women and a man ended up in a California hospital after getting high as kites chomping on the hash brownies. Hmm, wait until the munchies set in!.

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Charlie Sheen Is At It Again

Charlie Sheen was rushed to hospital last night with severe abdominal pain after a 36 hour bender. TMZ is reporting that a “briefcase full of cocaine” was delivered to his house during the private shindig which included 2 porn stars and several other women. Hmm, copious amounts of alcohol and bricks of cocaine, tsk, tsk Charlie,  Dr Drew is ready and waiting !

Psst CBS’s shares dropped 2.9% after  news broke that their highest paid star had been rushed to hospital. Coincidence?


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Archie Roach Hospitalized

A big shout out to indigenous Aussie singing legend, Archie Roach, who suffered a stroke in Broome while visiting a remote Aboriginal community yesterday. I love this guy’s music and hope he has a speedy recovery!

Psst Sadly, the sound on this clip is really low, so I have posted a second clip which was made a disgruntled orphan and has really nothing to do with Roach other than using his fantastic song.

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One Way To Get A Short Shift

Don’t try this home. Some bright spark  put pepper spray on a hand dryer in McDonalds in North Carolina.Imagine that, 6 people hospitalized and 25 treated by the emergency medical team after someone turned the dryer on.

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Katie The Cat In Big Trouble

Man suing for $5 million over a cat bite.

What? Who me?

How much would you sue for a cat bite? Hmm, well if you are Jonas Cruz , a cool $5 million will do. Mr Cruz alleges that he was bitten by  Katie the cat belonging to deli owner Frank. Evidently he had a really friggin bad reaction to the saliva and was immediately hospitalized and unable to work for a month (What? Was he on a friggin 1.25 million a week salary or something?). Frank the owner of Cold Cut House said his cat wouldn’t hurt a flea and has received no complaints about the puddy. Ah for goodness sakes, give the case to Judge Judy she’ll sort it!

Psst If Katie is found innocent I wonder if she can counter claim? It is New York!


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