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Top Fecal Matter Hiding Spots in Hotel Rooms

Honey, do you smell something?

OMG, just another reason why you should take antiseptic wipes every friggin where you go. A recent study of hotel rooms revealed that the most common place you will find fecal matter is on the TV remote, telephone and bedside lamp. AND by fecal matter I mean poo loons, poo!!!! Oh and don’t bother tipping the maid, she/he is the likely culprit in spreading bacteria thanks to contaminate mops and cleaning gear.


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RIP Vesta Williams

R&B singer of the 80’s and 90’s Vesta Williams has been found dead in an LA hotel room. Prescription pills have reportedly been found at the scene. Police have ruled out homicide. Williams was 54.

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RIP Gary Moore

Gary Moore, the legendary rock guitarist, has died suddenly in a hotel room in Spain. The former Thin Lizzy band member was taking a 6 day break with a woman believed to be his girlfriend. A source said he and the woman had a hamburger with a bottle of champagne at the hotel bar before going for a walk along the beach. By 4am the alarm was raised. Gary Moore was 58.

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I’m Guessing The Wedding Is Off

You know what I hate? When you report your fiance missing and she is found well and truly alive in a Texas hotel room with her lover. I really friggin hate that. Oh well look on the bright side Chad McGuire, police say Tiffiny Bray will be getting a nice bill for her troubles.


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Deliver Us From Evil

I said Clarendon you idiot!

OK, so a man shoots up his hotel room with a gun, no real biggie, but then leaves a note saying “God delivered me from evil and placed me in Albion, Michigan.”. Geez, now everybody panic. Albion, Michigan? I think god was messing with ya!

Psst Oh did I forget to mention he also tried to cook his alarm clock in the microwave?


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Honey, Your Feet Are Col….WTF

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

You know most people wouldn’t complain if a naked man wandered into their hotel room. OK, they probably would! A couple staying at a hotel  in Queenstown, New Zealand, got the shock of their lives when some wayward, drunk, naked, Aussie guy waltzed into their room and fell asleep in their bed. Exit couple. The terrified  woman hid in the bathroom while hubby, I assume, got help. Seems the drunk naked guy was just as surprised to discover where he was, as the laughing policemen who woke him!


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