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Mansplaining Hotline

The Swedish labor union have just opened a hotline for frustrated women who can’t deal with ‘mansplaining’. Naw, Bless. Yep, evidently it is in epidemic proportions. For those of you unfamiliar with the word “mansplaining”, it is when a male is condescending to a female by over explaining something that the woman already understands.

PSST : Confession time,  I’m a tad guilty in womansplaining when my partner decides to cook….just saying.


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Free Spending Money – Dob In A Taxi Driver

Tourists in Seoul paid to dob in taxi driversIn Seoul if you report a bad taxi driver expect to be rewarded with $450. Yes, you heard me $450. The city is so sick and tired of tourists being ripped off by rogue drivers they have set up an English speaking dob in  a bastard driver hotline and will hand you cash if their investigations prove you correct. Sheez, my city would be broke in a day.


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