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Just Say No!

Sheez, I wonder who started the fire?


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Friggin Flowerpot

Sheez, imagine the relief of discovering that the fire which caused $20,000 worth of damage to your Arkansas home wasn’t the result of arson or an electrical fault but spontaneous combustion of a flowerpot. Who Knew? Evidently the insurance investigator concluded the plastic flowerpot containing dead and decomposing organic materials spontaneously combusted on the porch setting the home’s vinyl siding on fire.

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Don’t Save The Phone

OK, here’s the thing people, you can always get yourself a new phone. When a fire broke in Nathaniel Lagree’s house, the first thing he did was rescue his wife and daughter. Sadly the last thing he did was rush back into the house to retrieve his cell phone. His body was later found by firefighters.

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When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Huh? What? Who's there?

Huh? What? Who's there?

Fire fighters were called to a house fire in Pittsburgh at 2.40am Sunday morning. Despite attempts to control the blaze part of the roof collapsed. About two hours later when firefighters were able to walk through the smoldering and charred ruins they found a man fast asleep in his bed, oblivious to what had happened.

Psst That wasn’t you Duncan by any chance?


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See, No One Likes Vista!

My bad?

My bad?

Bad,bad pussy. An investigation is under way to determine whether a urinating cat caused a house fire in Benowa, Queensland. Two teenage boys were at home when the fire broke out and they believed their pet cat may be the culprit. Hmm, seems the feline is prone to a bit of spraying and the laptop computer lying in the corner of  one of the bedrooms looked a good a place as any to piss.


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