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You Can’t Rent That!

Virginia Oliver (89) has a dilemma, she has to decide whether she wants to fix 22 violations to her Cleveland property or have it demolished. Ah, so you think you see where this is going loons? I doubt it! The three story house also happens to have been the home of Anthony Sowell, Mrs Oliver’s step grandson.  Ring any alarm bells yet? He murdered 11 women and dumped their bodies in and around the house. Oh yeah, it’s the property they dubbed “The House of Horrors” which is now also the house of “violation” . Mrs Oliver has a few weeks left to decide whether the building is razed or fixed up . Hmm, I vote to raze it, because lets face it,  your step grandson won’t be coming back home  anytime soon, ain’t that right Psychowatcher?


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Woman Escapes House Of Horror

OK, here’s the thing torture loving Thomas Fischer, if you are going to kidnap a woman and keep  her captive  in  your house of horrors,  it might be a good idea to remember to lock the friggin door to her cell or all your boobytrapped work will just goes to waste. The terrified handcuffed woman made her dramatic escape by diving through a barbed wired window of a house in Hamburg, Germany, after having just sprinted out of the bomb rigged, sound proofed, telephone box he had kept her in to hide her screams. When she eventually lead police back to the house they found what can only be described as a torturer’s dreamland. The house was full of medical and gynecological  tools and a mannequin Fischer had obviously been practicing on. Next to the telephone box/torture box were fertilizer bombs that were so volatile they had to evacuate several streets in fear of an enormous kaboom! BUT  probably the most horrific part of this story is the poor girl was introduced to Fischer through a friend. Hmm, what a bitch!

This is the makeshift cell!


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