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Did You Hear A Rattle?


snakeOh for the love of god, what hell did you uncover? When a snake wrangler got a call about a rattlesnake in a home loo, he suspected it wasn’t the only slithering beast in the house. After removing the loo snake he went on a little hunt and uncovered 13 rattlers in their storm cellar and another 10 under the house. Feet up people , feet up. The family said they hadn’t seen a rattlesnake in years. Seems they are secretive, sneaky buggers.

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What Do Get An Octopus That Has Everything?

A coconut shell of course ….


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Urban Terrorists?

burning houseSheez renters, really? The owner of a Massachusetts house, which was about to be put on the market after renters moved out, got the shock of his life when he discovered it was wired to blow. Yep, there was a bomb ready to kaboom as soon as someone turned on one of the house’s light switches.


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Not So Incy Wincy

burning houseOne more time people , chasing some hairy backed spider around the laundry with a lighter and a can of spray paint gonna end with a big KABOOM! That’s $60,000 worth of fire damage to your house right there fool!


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Bed Bug Fail

Man set house on fire trying to kill bed bugsI hear ya mister. A guy in New Jersey set his  house on fire trying to rid it of bed bugs. Seems the combination of using  a space heater, a hair dryer and a heat gun to annihilate the little buggers doesn’t work, repeat, DOES NOT work.


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Hero Dog

Baby the pit bull is being hailed a hero after it rescued not only a family from their burning home but also the pets. The two sisters were woken up by Baby barking and jumping on them just as the fire was shooting down the hallway, giving them just enough time to escape. After seeing them to safety, Baby raced back into the burning building and rescued his 5 other canine companions, one of which he had to grab by the neck and drag out . I’m guessing he’s gonna be getting some Scooby snacks.


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I’m On The Highway To Hell

This is what happens if you take on the local government in China. An elderly couple who refused to have their home in a block of flats demolished, because the compensation was too low, now have to contend with a massive traffic and noise nightmare. Thanks to a change in Chinese laws, local authorities can no longer oust people from their homes without their consent but they can sure make their lives are a living hell. This local goverment decided to build the motorway (which goes to the airport) around their property after they refused to budge.


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Scorn Marketing

Hmm, someone isn’t happy that their hubby left them for someone younger. The newly single Oregon woman, who is now forced to sell the family home, says “I want everyone to know I am hurt. I am scorned. I am bitter. I am sad,”

Psst If you look closely at the bottom of the sign it reads “Adulterers need not apply,”


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Why Is There An Oil Tanker In My House?

I have no idea what the woman in the village of Wool did, but some oil tanker driver thought it was bad enough to drive his truck into her house. After the 51 year old tanker driver kaboomed the house he fled, leaving a blazing inferno. Luckily the woman wasn’t at home at the time. He’s now been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Update It seems the angry truck driver is the woman’s ex hubby.

Want sauce with that?


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Decisions, Decisions

A man in Florida burned down his house rather than have his mother, wife and daughter move in. Those in favor say I.


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