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Document About How To Avoid Leaks On The Internet is Leaked!

Leave me alone you spooks, it wasn't me, I swear!

Leave me alone you spooks, it wasn't me, I swear!

All hail Wikileaks. Hello, of course if the Ministry of Defence writes a restricted piece on how to avoid stopping your documents being leaked on the internet, it’s going to get leaked, duh! The 2,400 page Defence Manual of Security intended for the eyes of the armed forces and intelligence personnel has made it’s way onto the Wikileaks website, which publishes anonymous leaks of sensitive information from organizations including governments, corporations and religions. It’s way too easy. Wanna see the document?  Sure you do….click right here Wikileaks.

Psst If you clicked you are probably being monitored by the CIA, FBI,MI6, KGB, FARK, Kim Jong Il, Imadinnerjacket, Scotland Yard, Kevin Rudd, al qaeda, ASIO, Microsoft, Indian telemarketers and the whole of Nigeria.


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