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Howard Wolowitz’s Mother Dies

clapper-board-2The actress behind the voice of Howard Wolowitz’s mother, Carol Ann Susi, in the Big Bang Theory has died from an aggressive form of cancer. She was 62.

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Where Was Howard Wolowitz When You Need Him?

You know, I thought NASA had our backs when it came to big things flying at us from outer space but I am now a little concerned that if they didn’t see a meteor the size of a friggin bus hurtling to Earth, what chance have we got. Dear god, what do they do all day? Experts say the meteorite shower that scared the shit out of Siberia had the force of 20 atomic bombs ( take that Kim Jong Un!!!). Hmm, sheez,  that would have made some wave in my jacuzzi.

Psst One good thing about the shower is you get to know what music Russians listen to, thanks to their car cams.


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