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Might Need More Public Toilets

poopOh for crying out loud Hampton, Illinois , over the past 2 years there has been an increased amount of poop on the bike paths and in car parks. Oh and they don’t belong to dogs or bears. Seems people are dropping their draws and letting rip on the paths  before wiping their butts with toilet paper and leaving it on top. The problem has become so bad the council have now erected signs.

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I Left More Than My Heart In San Francisco

poop mapOh dear god, more over dogs, San Francisco has a human poop problem. Seems since the city has cut the number of functioning public toilets the 10,000 homeless population have been forced to drop pants anywhere they can. There has been an estimated 4,000 complaints about human poop in the city. One concerned web developer even created a human poop map, entitled “human wasteland”, marking all the locations poop has been reported in an attempt to raise awareness about the situation.


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All Browns

toilet 6OMG, seems an airplane dropped its mother load on a New Zealand woman’s car and by load I mean poop. Yep, the poor Kiwi (who lives along the Auckland flight path) woke up to the stench of human faeces and then later, after a bit of Sherlocking, found some nasty brown clumps covering her car.The woman’s response ‘The first thing when I walked out of my door this morning and I saw it, I thought an airplane shat on us. You open the door and it smells like shit,’. A former pilot and safety consultant claims it is an urban myth that planes can dump passenger excrement over houses unless there is a major leak, as modern planes use a vacuum system. Might want to sus out the neighbours or look for an enormous ostrich with diarrhoea, bro.


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Not in My Job Description

How far would a reporter go to get a story? Well, one St Louis journo picked up human poop and sniffed it. The woman was reporting was on a farmer who was using human feces to fertilize his crops. During the interview she reached down and picked up the “treated” poop and gave it a good old whiff declaring it “doesn’t smell good”.

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