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Why Do The British Bother Having Laws?

Jeremy Bamber murdered his parents, his sister and her two children in 1985 and was given a sentence of life behind bars without a chance of ever being release. Bamber thinks the sentence is ‘inhuman and degrading,’ and is appealing to the Grand Chamber of European Court of Human Rights. This case will test whether the UK law, allowing dangerous offenders to be sentenced to whole life tariffs, will be allowed.  Seriously? I think the UK should break away from this so called “human rights” treaty with Europe if its laws are put into question continually. A country should have the right to govern as it sees fit, especially if it is designed to protect the majority from the evil that lurks among a selected few. Nanny State indeed. Oh and there is a queue of life tariff murderers and lawyers excitedly awaiting the decision.

Psst What “human rights” did his victims have?  Shouldn’t the court be protecting THEIRS not HIS?


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I’ve Got Rights!

Cable, I want cable!

Oh for goodness sakes people, why are you wasting time and money on this? A convicted killer in New Zealand is taking court action in a bid to be allowed to read the friggin Cosmopolitan magazine in jail. Stephen Hudson is on the “human rights” bandwagon after he had his 2008 copy of Cosmo confiscated. “Breached”, “rights” get over it, you kill someone, bye-bye rights.  I am sure they had a good reason to confiscate the mag, if not, who cares. It’s the price you pay for taking away someone else’s rights!


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At Least He Didn’t Eat With His Hands!

Your snowflake gets told by the hall monitor he eats like a pig, that’s $17,000 compo right there! A Quebec Filipino family have won a human-rights fight against a Montreal school board after their seven year old was told off for eating “like a pig”. Luc Cagadoc was happily breaking up his food with a fork and pushing it onto a spoon (the Filipino way) when he was spied by the school hall monitor. Luc’s mom Theresa Gallardo then claimed the monitor told her that her son ate “like a pig” and the principal told her he should eat “like a Canadian.” Well, you know the rest!


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Dunce Corner is Dumb

Geez, what is school without a dunce corner? Hmm, well that’s a breach of a child’s human rights people. Health and safety officials have warned schools not to place disruptive children in corners because it will humiliated them, plus they could faint. Officials seem to think it is better just to get them to explain to the class why they are interrupting the lesson than to put them in a corner. Hmm, that will work!

Psst Last year the Lambeth council paid for disruptive students to receive foot massages in class to calm them down. Go Nanny State.


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Name And Shame

Shopkeepers told to remove name and shame sign Nanny State police have told St Breward shopkeepers Dennis and Christine Lusby to remove a sign naming the vandal who broke their window because it may offend his human rights! The couple wrote ”Damage Done by Ben Hill” on the boarded up window smashed by the 20 year old.

Psst During his rampage Ben hill caused  £3,000 worth of damage.


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So That’s Why They Are Called ASYLUM Seekers?

Who friggin fed you and housed you?

Who friggin fed you and housed you?

An asylum seeker who got rejected because he used a fake passport is suing the British Government for £150,000 for breaching his human rights and damaging his health.When  Fridoon Sadiqi from Afghanistan entered Britain under false documents in 1999 his application was rejected and so to every other application and appeal he tried there after. Using every legal avenue available to him Sadiqi has managed to stay in Britain for 10 years fighting the immigration ruling.  In all that time he has spent only 3 weeks in a detention centre, the rest a free man. But it is those three week in which he is claiming he suffered post traumatic stress disorder. In response to his latest legal battle Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe said ‘If his treatment has been so bad here, then why doesn’t he find another country to go claim asylum in?’

Psst Lets see him try getting £150,000 from the Taliban ,aren’t they ones who got him in this mess in the first place. More friggin stress there , I say!

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