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Hungary Porn Surfers Google Bombed

If you happen to be surfing for porn or gangsters in Hungary this week, you’ve probably been Google Bombed. Yep, you either ended up on the Fidesz party website or the Catholic Church website. Seems Bela the Smuggler knows quite a lot about Google’s search algorithm. Hm, I wonder how much he charges to send the porn surfers my way?


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Friggin Toxic Mud

Egads, grab your wellies and waders folks there’s a toxic mud spill in Hungary. Urgh, seems the walls of a reservoir holding back aluminum residue burst, causing a 2m wave of toxic sludge to engulf 7 villages. The sludge has left a path of destruction, with fears it may  reach the Danube River. The interior minister has asked people to avoid contact with the mud because it friggin burns and could cause blindness if it gets in your eyes. Hungary has declared a state of emergency claiming it’s an “ecological catastrophe”. Sheez, I bet BP breathed a sigh of relief! So far the death toll is four but it is expected to rise.


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From Rags To Riches

Well I’ll be. Two brothers who live in a cave in Hungary, because they are so friggin poor, are set to inherit a share of a  £4 billion fortune. Seems Zslot and Geza Peladi had a filthy rich grandmother they didn’t know about. Lawyers for her estate did some genealogical research and bippity boppity boo they tracked down the cavemen through homeless charity workers. Dear god I hope this isn’t a Nigerian scam!


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I Would To

OMG. The town of Budaors in Hungary has no police force after the entire squad of 15 won the £10 million lottery and quit on the spot.


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