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Moosed Again

Hunter misses moose but hits man on toiletSteady, aim, fir….. oh crap. A hunter in Norway is in big doodah after he shot at a moose and missed, instead hitting an elderly guy sitting on the toilet in his bathroom. The rifle was fired just 100 yards from the man’s cottage.


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Shh, I Thinks There’s One Over Here

I don't know, something about a man in goat skins.

OK, here’s the thing people, when hunting do not, and I repeat, do not dress in animal skin or the hunter will become the hunted. Christos Constantinou and his family were out looking for a wild boar to shoot for Christmas dinner. Christos donned on his special dark goat hunting skins for camouflage but as he moved through the undergrowth his family opened fired on him thinking he was a  boar. Boar 1, Christmas Dinner 0.


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Oh Deer, It’s a Llama

To the  hunter who shot and killed a pet Llama, the Grand Isle family want a little word! 😦


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Oh Deer!

Man shot in stomach after being mistaken for a deerBless, it’s the weekend so of course we have a shooting accident. Seems Ricky Brunelle from Ellenburg thought Bernard Sharlow was a deer. Hmm, guess not. Bernard has now had a .50 caliber slug removed from his stomach. Deers 1, Bernard 0.


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