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What could possible go wrong?

So how was school?

Well little snowflakes from New York, ¬†it’s time to go back to school following Hurricane Sandy. Yes, come Monday morning you will all be at your desks . Oh, but if you happen to find a psychiatric patient already at your seat no probs , you’ll be sharing. Seems many of the homeless and displaced mentally ill, who were evacuate to the schools during the storm, are basically still there and have no where else to go. So squeeze on in, grab a seat and don’t forget to share your crayons.


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Tree vs Zombies

What could be worse than this ….

I’m guessing this ….

Photo by Associate Press

Yes, there have been confirmed reports of coffins rising from the ground following Hurricane Sandy. RUN. ZOMBIES!!!!!


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Caffeine is the New Nicotine

Wait, I’m coming!!!

Hell have no fury like New Yorkers unable to get their daily fix of Starbucks. Seems when news traveled along the social media super info highway that a Starbucks was still open near Times Square during Hurricane Sandy, it was a no brainer….Honey, pack up the kids we are going in for a double mocha hazelnut skinny frappe latte, storm or no storm. Yep, people in their droves risked strong winds, pouring rain and the occasional flying object to get their caffeine fix, despite having to wait up to half an hour just to get served. That’s probably why the city never friggin sleeps!!!!!


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Damn You Gangnam Style!!!!




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Don’t Worry, I Tied Everything Down

Honey, have you seen the kids?


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Hurricane Sandy vs Full Moon

Honey, I think I might go for a little jog with my horse head mask while there is a lull in the hurricane . No, don’t worry, no one will see me ….


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New Yorkers Prepare

As Hurricane Sandy bares down on New York the locals are gearing for the worse. Hmm, or maybe not. ¬†FRANKENSTORM people….FRANKENSTORM!!!!



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US Braces For Mother of All Storms

The mother of all storms is heading straight for the US and millions have been told to evacuate. From New York to Washington to Boston, people have been told to get the hell out of its way.  No one knows exactly what will  happen when Hurricane Sandy smashes into two other nasty weather systems but experts predict massive rain dumps (over 30cm), howling  winds of over 80m/h and  a deadly wall of water up to 3.3m high. Thoughts and prayers to all in its wake. Stay safe.

This is what Hurricane Sandy looks like from space …


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