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The Price You Pay

A Romanian woman was so pissed at her hubby for not buying her flowers on International Women’s Day, guess what she did loons? She ripped off his scrotum, that’s what. She told police she was fed up with being ignored by her lazy husband.“I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his balls. It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that’s when it happened. I thought maybe that some ice would solve the problem”


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Tell It Like It Is

trailer peopleI’m guessing the moral compass for a Missouri man kinda went south after he told police he shot his wife because he was “tired of her”. Awks. Fortunately the wife survived … unfortunately, he’ll be facing her wrath when he gets out of the slammer!


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WTF.you don’t like Frozen? Well sorry hon, I can’t be married to you anymore, I want a divorce. The poor Japanese guy, who was married for 6 years,  is now facing a divorce from his Frozen obsessed wife after she cracked the shits and moved in with her parents (who are obviously Frozen fans too) when he told her “It’s an okay movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care for it personally,” .


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While You Were Sleeping Again

sleepingOh for crying out loud. Remember the jealous wife from China who gave her hubby sleeping pills before chopping off his penis and flushing it down the loo? Yeah her.Well, guess what? Hubby went back to his wife for the sake of the kids but behind her back was looking for a new woman to take over, just in case she had to go to prison. Wifey-poo got wind of his little plan and grabbed those sleeping tablets again. Yep, she chopped off everything left in his gential region before handing herself in to police.

Psst Hubby might just have to look after the kids himself now 😦


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Wife Assaults Husband With Cupcakes

It Hurt!

Look away Binky, this isn’t pretty. A woman in Chicago has been charged with assault after chucking cupcakes at her hubby. Dawn and Arturo Montesdeoca were having a little verbal when things got ugly and Dawn began pelting him with the sweet treats. When police arrived Mr Montesdeoca, who by then was covered in crumbs and cupcake icing, told police he was “in fear” of his wife and wanted her arrested. Viola, that’s a $10,000 bail application right there! He should be grateful it wasn’t yogurt loaf!


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French Sexual Needs Fail

Jean-Louis B is not only wifeless but is now out of pocket $14,000. Seems his ex wife has successfully sued him for failing to fulfill her sexual needs…for 21 friggin years! Hmm, compo for not putting out, how interesting!!! Poor Jean-Louis (51) told the French judge he was often tired and had health problems…..since he was 30?????? The frustrated 47 year old wife finally called the marriage quits and the judge backed up her argument that it was all Jean Louis’s fault!

Psst You watch, I bet old jean-Louis B will be on eHarmony within a week!


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Flip Flop to the Crotch!

You know what I hate? When you get in a big old  argument with your hubby about those doing  the shopping and in your rage  you  chuck your flip flop at his penis and then YOU to end up  being  arrested for battery. I really friggin hate that! Not a good look on the resume either !

Want sauce with that?


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Take That Mistress!!!

Where is she???

OK, here’s the thing angry, pissed off wife, when you decide to go all al Qaeda on the woman you suspect your hubby is having an afffair with, you might want to make sure you have her exact address before you unleash your fury on her apartment …with your car. Seems in her blind rage the New Zealand woman drove her car through the closed gates of the complex and into an apartment’s garage causing around $35,000. That was all good and dandy except for the fact it wasn’t the alleged mistresses home. Awkward.

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Not Tonight Honey I Have a Headache

Maybe I should wear make-up?

Let this be a warning to you boys, an Emirati  man is being sued by his wife for $11 million for failing to have sex with her and thus causing her mental anguish. Did you hear me? $11 million! Seems hubby failed to put out for the first four months of marriage to hide his erectile dysfunction issue (poor love). Hmm, now the miffed wife wants payment for her troubles and his failure to meet her needs. Sheez, good luck with that lady, considering how Arab men just love outspoken women.


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The Winner Takes It All If Divorced

A word of advise before buying a lottery ticket, make sure you get a divorce from your estranged spouse or they could be entitled to your winnings. Holly Lahti, a single mom, won $190 million in a Mega Millions jackpot. Yah. Media just love a feel good story. Then came the mugshot. Seems Mrs Lahti and hubby Josh Lahti got into a domestic in 2003 with Holly coming off worse for wear. She left him but never got a divorce or legally separated, which means in Idaho, he is entitled to some of the money. Josh had no idea she had won the millions until a reporter spilled the beans. His response…”That’s awesome! I won’t have to pay child support!” Meanwhile Holly has gone underground as her past (and mugshot) gets dragged up and splashed across the newspapers and internet.

Want sauce with that?


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