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Village of the Damned


Goodbye now

Hey, its the 1980s calling and they want their hysteria back. Seems a village in China are so worried about a child who was diagnosed with HIV they have signed a petition to have him removed. The petition reads in part “Kunkun is diagnosed with AIDS, causing great fear among the villagers and village children. In order to ensure the safety of villagers and children, we demand that authorities quarantine Kunkun for treatment,”

PSST Even his grandfather signed it.


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Should Have Had An Apple A Day

wolf in sheeps


Everything was going well at the funeral of a young Romanian doctor until word spread that he had died of AIDS. Enter hysteria. The funeral was attended by the dozens of women he had slept with but who had no idea he was HIV positive. Yep,needless to say that funeral went from sympathy to anger in a very short time. The following day there was an enormous line of over 40 women waiting to be tested. So far two have been confirmed.


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Friggin Justin Bieber

He's friggin 16!

Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber has disappointed thousands of hysterical teens after police canceled his one and only concert in Australia. Mass hysteria lead to crowd control issues in Sydney as teens surged forward to get as close as they could to their teen idol. Over ten were hurt in the crush and paramedics were having a nightmare keeping up with the injured. In the end police had had enough and called the whole thing off. Eventually the riot squad were called in to deal with the 7,000 now really pissed off fans who had moved to Martin Place where Bieber was singing live in the Channel 7 studios. It is believed some of the teens had traveled from other states and had slept overnight to attend the concert. Bummer.

Psst For all you loons who have no idea who Bieber is, don’t concern yourself too much because as soon as his voice breaks he’ll be a faint memory.


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