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Soft Serve

wolf in sheepsAn American couple called the Italian police after they were charged $56 for 3 ice creams and a bottle of water in Rome , Italy. Pftt, that’s nothing. Fifteen years ago we were charged over a $100 for 4 hamburgers in Venice…. and by hamburgers I mean a bun with a slab of meat. Tourists have “sucker” written right across their fanny bags!!!


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Worst Ice Cream Flavor EVER

OK, this is either going to the biggest hit or an epic fail . Häagen-Dazs Japan is about to release vegetable ice cream. Yes, it is true. The first flavours will be Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange. Hmm, sounds  like when they released frozen yoghurt and everyone thought it was good for them because it was “non fat”. I wonder if they will have Brussel Sprouts and Boysenberry?


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Mr Whippy vs Mr Yummy

OMG, an ice cream turf war in England, cool. It’s like the friggin Battle of Tastings!!!  OK, here’s the deal, Mr Whippy is the local ice cream vendor (Blackburn) but Mr Yummy is a rival from another area. This incident occurred after Mr Yummy tried to steal Mr Whippy’s customer by offering him a cheaper ice cream. Mr Yummy proceeds to smash Mr Whippy’s window so Mr Whippy rams Mr Yummy’s van. Locals say the two rivals have been at it for ages.


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Cold Comfort

We interrupt this broadcast to make an important announcement….breast milk ice cream is OK to eat lick. Yes, the London Ice cream parlor has been given the thumbs up to go back to selling their $22 a scoop Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream.  Seems health and safety are happy with the milk screening. Now all the ice cream parlor has to worry about is Lady Gaga suing their asses off!


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On A Sour Note

Attention whore, Lady Gaga, was none too happy when she found out about breast milk ice cream being sold in London. Hmm, yeah OK, she thought it was “nausea inducing” but more troubling to her was the fact  the owner called it Baby Gaga. That’s copyright infringement right there. Hello, she doesn’t want no one taking advantage of her reputation or good name. Hmm, seems she is oblivious to the fact the word “gaga” has been associated with babies long before her meat wearing, egg cracking ways. Anywho, she has threatened to sue.

Psst Still no cure for cancer!


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That Could Leave A Sour Taste In Your Mouth!

I have what????

Oh boy, remember the Baby Gaga ice cream made from breast milk? Hmm, yeah about that, seems the British Health and Safety have freaked out a little and have confiscated it due to health concerns. Hmm, who knew viruses such as hepatitis can be passed on through breast milk. Golly gosh, it’s enough to give you a stiff upper lip!


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Baskin Robbins retires French Vanilla

Say what?

OMG, we interrupt this broadcast for an urgent announcement, Baskin Robbins has stopped serving French Vanilla ice cream. WTF? Yes, it’s gone for good, so too, Campfire S’mores, Apple Pie a La Mode, Caramel Praline Cheesecake and Superfudge Truffle. Come on people, ain’t French Vanilla bog standard?


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Moo Bath Time Cow

The Moo Bath Time cow  #43 was created by Shirley Joyce McMurray and is located at Simmos IceCreamery in Dunsborough. This wasn’t a joyous moment for the Loon as, thanks to a rude staff member who refused to allow us to film the cow because we arrived 5  minutes late, we were force to make a 2 hour journey back the next day. Instead of allowing us to quickly go through a side gate to grab a snap she point blankly refused despite staff still cleaning up and people still leaving the park. She even had the nerve to tell us we had to pay! This incident left us pretty much seething for the rest of the evening and well into the 2 hour drive back the next day. It took us one minute to walk in and grab a snap, one friggin minute! Anywho, I grab myself a delicious mocha and rum & raisin double scoop cone and all was pretty much forgiven.

Shirley Joyce McMurray : The inspiration behind my Moo Bath Time was my kids. I have two kids and they both love water and rainbows.

Moo Bath Time

Shove over, I'm coming in!

Community Service Announcement – All the cows will be auctioned off on July the 10th, 2010. Money raised will be going to several fantastic Western Australian charities and non profit organisations including Telethon, Give Me Five For Kids, Breast Cancer Foundation WA, Starlight Foundation, Jewel and Lake Cave Conservation Projects, Arts Margaret River and Asthma Foundation of WA. If you are absolutely smittened with one of these cows and can picture it in your garden or office you might just want to contact www.margaretriver.com or email cowparade@margaretriver.com for info on how to bid…oh and don’t forget to tell them the Friggin Loon sent ya!


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