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Fish Fingers

If you lose some fingers while wakeboarding in a Lake in Idaho  you go might want to ask a trout for them back. An unlucky fisherman found Haans Galassi’s fingers in the belly of a trout he’d caught while fishing in Priest Lake two months after the unfortunate incident. Probably tasted like chicken. The fingerprints were later matched to the wakeboarder.

Psst Seriously, a man named Haans loses his fingers?


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My, What Big Teeth You Have

OK, here’s the thing Idaho campers, next time you rescue a puppy from the wilderness can you please check to make sure it isn’t a friggin wolf cub first, you idiots? Now the Dept of Fish and Gaming have to try and  find its mom so it can be returned to the wild.

Psst Good luck teaching it to sit!!!!


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Three Tassie Hunters Arrested in Idaho

Three men from Blackwood Creek in Tasmania have been arrested in Idaho for allegedly illegally hunting elk. In an ironic twist of fate they all live near where I am currently trapped. It’s the talk of the town. The trio had been under Investigation for poaching during several hunting seasons. Bail is set at $40,000 and the could face five years behind bars!


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Animal Activists Set Fire To Idaho Fur Store

OK, here’s the thing animal rights activists, if you are going to burn down a store selling fur coats it maybe wise to check to see if they also sell fireworks. Hello, it’s called Rocky Mountain Fur & Fireworks for goodness sakes! Oh, you knew that. Well as you were then!

Psst Who the hell sells furs and fireworks?


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Toilet Rolls Clog River

Oh for crying out loud, don’t bother taking out your camera to snap a shot of the scenic Lochsa River in Idaho anytime soon. It’s full of friggin megarolls of toilet paper. Yes, that’s right you heard me, toilet paper, thanks to a truck rollover (yes, there were skid marks!). The 8 rolls of unprocessed paper weigh about 8,000 pounds each…OK, scrap that, the waterlogged rolls weigh about 30,000 each now. Two were eventually fished out with a cable and tow truck but the rest remain wedged in an unreachable area. Fears are the rolls will break up and send big clumps of paper further down the river. Hmm, well at least the campers will be happy.


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Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt


OK, here’s the thing neo-Nazi skinhead with racist tatts all over your body, don’t be trying to pick a fight with an African American wearing a t-shirt with “Spokane Boxing Club champion.” clearly printed on it, you’ll be friggin sorry. Daren C. Abbey, a white supremist skinhead confronted Marlon Baker at a bar in Idaho. Mr Baker, who didn’t want no trouble, walked away but of course Mr Abbey was cruisin’ for a bruisin’and began taunting him with racial slurs. That’s when kapow, Baker punched the fool in the facing knocking him out cold. When he regained consciousness Abbey was handcuffed, arrested and charged. Embarrassed much?

Psst Seems despite Mr Baker’s t-shirt, he has never boxed professionally.


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Honey, I Hope That’s You!

Someone looking for a really, really, really cheap house in Idaho? Hello, five bedroom for $109,000!! One catch. It has a small snake problem. OK, a big friggin snake problem. The entire house is infested with garter snakes. Come on people, garter snakes are harmless.  OK, they like slithering in the ceilings and between walls but they don’t bite. That’s gotta be a bonus, right? Anywho, the house is on the market after the previous owners fled and the price has been slashed by $65,000. A Pest inspector estimates there are thousands of snakes living in the house. Reason? The house was built on a snake den. Phew, least it wasn’t built on an Indian burial site!


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Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Attention all Idaho women, has anyone had their breasts examined by a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna at a bar recently? If so, I hate to break it you but she ain’t no plastic surgeon and she ain’t no woman, you’ve been groped! Kristina Ross, who use to be a man, had been stalking bars and offering women free breast examinations under the ruse of being a surgeon. She was later arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor after victims began ringing to make appointments at a surgery Ross said she worked at for follow up appointments.


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Be Careful What You Lick

Pole got ya tongue?

Boise firefighters in Idaho, armed with a glass of warm water, doused the tongue of a young boy who had it stuck to an icy metal fence pole. Bless the woman in the car who spotted the boy in the embarrassing predicament and rang for help (or he might still be there). Friggin heroes. Despite a little blood the boy continued on his merry way… to school.


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Before and after

Before and after

Larry King was seriously hurt when his house blew up in Idaho. Ah don’t worry, it ain’t that Larry King. The house in question blew to kingdom come in the wee hours, damaging nearby houses and sending debris flying up to 3 blocks away. The cause of the explosion is believed to be a gas leak. Despite the house being completely flattened Mr King was found alive in the rubble.

Psst Larry King is a private investigator, you don’t think…ah never mind!


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