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Are These The Boston Marathon Bombers?

If you are interested in what the Boston Marathon suspect bombers look like click here. Seems the public have donned their deerstalkers and identified two suspicious fellas. The man in the white cap appears later minus his black backpack.

Psst You have to scroll down the images to find them.


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Giant Eyeball Mystery Solved

OK loons, put away your deerstalker hats the mystery of the giant eyeball, that washed up on a Florida beach, has been solved. They took their own sweet time, but scientists are pretty sure they now know  what creature the eye belongs to . The answer is  ….drum roll… a swordfish. Give yourself a Scooby snack if you guessed that one.


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Foot Identified

Remember the severed foot in a sneaker mystery ? You know, where feet in shoes keep washing up on Canadian beaches. Anywho, they have positively identified one of the feet and get this……it belongs to a fisherman who died in 1987!!!! Stefan Zahorujko’s boat was found overturned in Sasamat Lake 25 years ago but his body was never found. So far nine feet have washed up in British Columbia in the last 4 years of which 5 have been identified.

OK, I am going for alien abduction theory!


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Teething Problems

People, if you are going to steal purses for a living can you please make sure you keep your mouth closed during your crimes. Milton Cesar de Jesus was arrested after he lost his dentures while snatching a purse in Brazil. Unlucky for him a homeless guy spotted the choppers and handed them into police with a pretty good description of de Jesus.


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Australian Mass Murderer Found Dead In Texas

OK people stop looking, Victorian police think they have found Melbourne mass murderer Elmer Crawford. Hmm, so it’s been 40 years since Crawford bashed, electrocuted and then pushed the bodies of his pregnant wife and three young children over a cliff in a car  but at least they can close the file. Victorian police and FBI academy in Quantico believe the body of the unidentified man who died in 2005 at  Texas hospital is the killer, after facial recognition experts studied photos . Unfortunately they couldn’t use fingerprints because he had deliberately damaged his fingertips in what they believe was an attempt to mask his identity. Police are hoping a relative of Crawford will come forward to give DNA or they may have the grisly task of exhuming his 8 year old son.  The discovery of Crawford came after the Herald Sun printed an article about Crawford, which included a computer image of how he would look today.A reader noted the similarity to an old man on a US missing person website and contacted police. US authorities are currently trying to work out what the hell Crawford had been up to for 40 years in the United States. Good luck with that, he had four different names on identification documents he was carrying at the time of his death. If it is him, I hope he had a shit life!

Elmer Crawford


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Stiff Upper Lip

That's when your heartache begins!

Oh for crying out loud Anthony Brandon Gonzales, if you are going to lead a life of crime I suggest you a) avoid home invading an Elvis impersonator and b) remove the friggin tattoo on your upper lip! Gonzales was identified by the tattoo which read “East Side” on his upper lip. He also has 13 other tatts on his chin shaped like a goatee, which were also visible through his mask. Jailhouse rock, my friend, jailhouse rock!


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Only In The Movies Dumbass

Just a quick word of advice for criminals who mutilate the tips of their fingers to hide fingerprints, save yourself the time and the bother. Francis Viliar paid someone $400 to cut off the fleshy pads at the end of his fingers so he couldn’t be identified. Dumbass gets pulled over for speeding and badda boom they were still able to identify him and the 13 warrants he was wanted on.


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