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Note to self, refrain from farting when having surgery. A Japanese woman let one rip during a cervix procedure and ignited the laser and herself.  She received burns to her waist and legs.

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Strike One

Elderly woman dies in match factory mishapAn elderly woman working in a match factory in India was dragging a bundle of match boxes across the floor to make way for sweeping  when the friction caused… oh come on loons, you know the rest ….kaboom.

Want sauce with that?


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Dumbass Diplomat!

Oh for goodness sakes Qatari diplomat, firstly there is no friggin smoking on flights in the United States and secondly trying to extinguish something that vaguely resembles fire is gonna get you in trouble no matter who you are (oh, except if you are a diplomat!). The incident happened last night on a United Airlines flight from Washington to Denver. The FBI are still trying to determine if the diplomat, Mohammed al Modadihad, been smoking in the toilets or was attempting to ignite something. Two fighter jets followed the plane until it safely landed in Denver on an isolated airstrip (just  in case of a kaboom!).  Hmm, whatever the outcome seems our little mischief maker has full diplomatic immunity.


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Let This Be A Warning To You All

A man from Antequera has died after lighting up a cigarette, something you should never do after using rubbing alcohol. The man was engulfed in flames as he walked down the street and lit his smoke, having just used the rubbing alcohol to relieve his aches and pains. Intially police thought he had intentionally set himself alight but further investigation revealed he had just purchased the pain remedy from a local store.


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You Nearly Mowed Everyone Down!

Ah shit, mom's attempting to mow the lawn again!

Ah shit, mom's attempting to mow the lawn again!

Whoopsie, a woman who was filling up a can of petrol so she could mow the lawn nearly blew herself to kingdom come. Seems a little static electrical charge ignited the gas at a Sydney service station and if it wasn’t for a quick thinking staff member who hit the kill-switch the fire could have ignited the 150,000 litre of fuel lying in the underground storage tanks.Boom!The problem it seems was the woman, only identified as Rose, was holding the jerry can in the air when she was pouring the gas (a big friggin no-no) instead of having it earthed on the ground. Hmm, a little lookie around at the safety signs would have told her that! Anywho, the flames spread to the bowser before incinerating Rose’s car . Had Mohammad Sheerez not pressed the big red button the whole city block could have gone kaboom! I guess she won’t be mowing the lawn this week!

Psst And for her next trick Rose will be attempting to use a power tool!


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