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I Taste A Class Action

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtEwh, step away from your mixed berry smoothies people. Following the revelation that Nanna’s Frozen Mixed Berries could give you hepatitis A it has now been revealed that 95% of imported fruit and vegies to Australia are not tested for diseases. So far the hep count is 9 and going up thanks to the Chinese and their feces covered fruit. Bon apetite.

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Attention People, Does There Happened To Be A Pilot Onboard?

You know what I hate? When some crazed passenger goes running up and down the aisle of a JetBlue plane screaming “bomb” and “al Qaeda” and you discover it’s the friggin pilot. I really hate that! The co-pilot, god bless him, locked him out of the cockpit leaving the 135 passengers and 5 crew to deal with the psycho. While some whipped out their iphones to record the meltdown, others tried to restrain him, Meanwhile an off duty pilot assisted the co-pilot in landing the plane in Amarillo.

OMG, want to see the pilot being removed from the plane? Hannibal lector didn’t have it so rough!


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Bottle of Botulism

Egads, step way from the Loyd Grossman Korma sauce people, it contains botulism. Two children are currently in a UK hospital being treated for the nasty bacteria after eating mom’s meal.


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Hey Mom, Where Are My Brownies?

Woohoo, we must get the recipe!!!

OK loons, here’s the moral of the story…. do not and I repeat, do not take frozen brownies, that your son made, from your freezer and take them to work for the staff. Oh, unless of course you all want to be taken to hospital for being suspectedly high as kites. Three Canadian office workers who started feeling light headed and disorientated after munching on the sweet treat were taken to hospital only to discover the brownies were jam packed with dope.


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