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Joan Rivers Arrested

Joan Rivers was arrested in the UK after being mistaken for an illegal immigrant.  Balaclava-clad UK Border Agency officials swooped on the comedian, her daughter and film crew who were enjoying a fishing trip off the coast of Kent, after they suspected they were trying to enter Britain illegally.



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A Star Is Deported

Praq Rado, an Albanian born actor who had been living illegally in the US for 11 years, was on his way to the premier of a movie about his life in America ( “Dreaming America” ), when he was nabbed by Federal immigration officers. Oh dear, now he is waiting to be deported. Well, on the bright side he now has content for a sequel.

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Dora The Explorer Is An Illegal Immigrant

OMG, say it ain’t so, Dora the Explorer is an illegal immigrant, what the? Haven’t you seen her mug shot, it’s all over the net.Hmm, seems she got done for illegal border crossing and resisting arrest (in friggin Arizona) Damn you Dora , I told you to download that friggin Gringo mask, but did you listen? NO! Now you’ll be deported to god knows where and end up like Speedy Gonzalez, down trodden and forgotten . I can see it now Breaking News … Dora Found Dead …  Dora the Whorer (previously known as Dora the Explorer), the little washed up ethnic cartoon character who was forced to sell herself on the streets of Puerto Rico after being deported, was found dead today. There had been unconfirmed rumors that child star toon had been starring in a series of  low budget X-rated Japanese anime  before turning to  prostitution so she could make enough money to support, Boots the monkey, Swiper the Fox and Isa the Iguana, who had also been deported following her run in with Arizona authorities. When  discovered  she had  no color and was nearly totally erased. Nickelodeon declined to comment.


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