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Jesus Does Walmart

He’s been laying low for awhile but don’t despair, Jesus is back and this time  he’s made an appearance on a Walmart receipt. Yep, seems a couple who had been shopping  on the weekend discovered Jesus’s face a few days later when they saw the receipt on the floor after returning from church. Sheez, I really hope its Jesus and not some Taliban terrorist!



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Jesus On A Tree Limb

Lord of the rings

It’s been awhile but Jesus has made another appearance, this time on a tree limb that fell in a yard in Midway.Sheez, that Jesus is getting sneakier. Bill Johnson discovered the image of Jesus with an outstretched hand in the center of the cherry branch after the landlord cut the limb into pieces.Ooh wait there’s more, on the other end of the limb there appears to be an image of a baby in a crib.


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Jesus Fails On eBay

OMG, well Jesus to be exact, failed to make an impression on eBayers. Hmm loons, didn’t I mention that the face of Jesus appeared on the toilet door of some dude from Wichita, Kansas? Whoops, guess not!  Anywho, the dude  whacked it on eBay and guess what? It made jack. Yes, despite all the proceeds of the “Jesus on a bathroom door”  being donated  to the earthquake victims of Haiti it failed to even reach the reserve price of 99 cents! I am guessing no one wants to do their business with Jesus staring at them!

Is that Jesus?


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Holy Banana Peel

Banana JesusJust when you thought it was the last Jesus sighting of the year up he pops again, this time on a banana.Lisa Swinton got the shock of her life when she went to peel her banana and ‘I was like ‘Oh my God! It’s Jesus on a banana!’. Hmm but unlike her predecessors she ate it and chucked away the holy peel (after taking a happy snap).


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Jesus on Me Iron!


You know it’s a slow friggin newsday when the lead story is “woman saw image of Jesus on her iron”. Geez and here I was thinking God didn’t have a sense of humor (or sense of irony), guess I was wrong. Some days are diamonds.

Psst Just goes to show if there is a god  he would have done her ironing!


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