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Guess what this is?

Give up? Ah, you will never guess. The image is a scan of a man’s scrotum. Yep, you see the face too huh? When the man from Canada began complaining about severe pain in his testicles, doctors ordered a scan and viola, they found a tumor with what looks like a face  “screaming in pain”. The face, the growth and the testicle were all later removed.


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Michael Jackson Just Won’t Go Away

Oh dear god, first we had the image of Michael Jackson appear on a tree stump, then the bonnet of a car and now on a ultrasound scan of an unborn baby. Dawn Kelley and William Hickman both instantly noticed the likeness after being shown the image. Oh but fans don’t get too excited, the couple are expecting a girl!

Here is a recap if you happened to have missed Michael Jackson’s post death encores….

The Stump

The Bonnet

The Baby

You see it don’t you?


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