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Ralph Macchio’s Sister?

father and daughterWhat is crazier than a 31 year old posing as a 15 year old student high school student for nearly a year? Try, no one noticing. One teacher said “I sympathized with her, and invited her into my home. I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes,”

Psst Texas


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The Virgin Queen Was Actually A Man Named Neville

Hold onto your hats British historians, we have a new theory on why Elizabeth I never married. It seems she was a he . Yep , a case of … OMG the Princess (Anne Boleyn’s kid) has died of a friggin fever  and Henry VIII (the king who beheads on a whim) is on his way for a visit, quick find someone to stand in for her. That was the dilemma facing Elizabeth’s governess, Lady Kat Ashley, and her guardian, Thomas Parry. Poor bastards. In a desperate attempt to save their heads they came up with a plan, find a stand in. Unfortunately they couldn’t find a girl matching Elizabeth’s description or age … but there was Neville, a gawky, angular kid who could pass as a girl. So rather than face the wrath and erratic behaviour  of Henry VIII they put the boy in the dead princess’s clothes and prayed the fat old man wouldn’t notice. The plan worked and Neville spent the rest of his life as a Queen. To avoid the whole marriage and heir issue, Elizabeth spent her life starting wars and proclaiming she was married to her country.  She disguised her masculine features with heavy make-up, wigs and high neck collars. The Virgin Queen is buried  in Westminster Abbey and a simple little  test could determine the truth about Elizabeth I .

Painting of Elizbeth I painted in the 1590s

Painting of Elizbeth I painted in the 1590s

Want sauce with that?


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Will the Real Kim Jong Il Please Sit Down

Kim Jong Il is an imposter

Can you spot the imposter?

Is the real Kim Jong  ill? The Japanese rumor mill has been running hot with whispers that  the real Kim Jong Il is either gravely ill or dead and that an impostor has taken his place. OK,  we’ve heard it all before  but now the Japanese are stepping up their claims saying that the photo ops with Bill Clinton was with a fake. WTF is Dear Leader messing with us?


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