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Rapist Just Can’t Help Himself

I hate my job!

Oh for crying out loud, as a woman was giving a detailed account of her rape in court the alleged perpetrator, Przemyslaw Jakubowski,was masturbating in the dock. The only witness to Jakubowski’s vile behavior was a female translator sitting next to him who reported it to prison guards. Needless to say she refused to continue translating.

Psst He got 15 years

Want sauce with that?


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Trial Aborted Because of Aroused Juror

OK, here’s the thing sexually aroused juror, don’t be wearing no condom to court or the friggin trial will be aborted. Oh dear, it is alleged an elderly man who was on the jury of a sexual abuse trial in Auckland has admitted he became sexually aroused listening to the victim’s evidence. In an attempt to cope he told another member of the jury he wore a condom in the courtroom. When the judge got wind of this she aborted the case. Seriously creepy!


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Attorney Pulls The Pin

WTF, they told me it wasn't live!

Some defense attorneys in Reno County are such kidders. Take Sam Kepfield for instance, he decided to make his point in court by bringing out a hand grenade,pulling the pin and then placing it on the prosecutor’s table. He was trying to show how his client could be easily threatened into participating in the forgery of stolen checks given the right circumstances. He then placed it on a ledge in front of the jurors and said “Are you afraid now?” . Hmm obviously not, it took 15 minutes for them to find his client guilty!

Psst Oh yeah, the grenade was a fake just in case you were wondering!


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