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You Can’t %&*#ing Curse in Middleboro

Well %$*@ me, a new Middleboro (Massachusetts) bylaw, that now gives police the power to fine anyone caught %$*@ing swearing in public, has ruffled the feathers of the locals. A group of about 60 protestors cursed and flashed their middle fingers in disgust at the new laws. Hell, a protest isn’t complete without a megaphone, and the protestors didn’t disappoint, with an open mic allowing anyone to express their disapproval with some choice words. Hmm, I’m predicting a few people may be bankrupt by the end of the year .


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Scales Of Justice


Oh my, how gross.  James Jones of Edinburgh apparently did not weigh his penis on a fruit and veg scale at a Scotmid store. Shop assistant Melanie Gugliemino claimed she saw Mr Jones and his mate at the scales with what looked like his penis exposed. When she confronted them, Mr Jones told her  “We are just having our privates weighed”. Agnes Fagan, the store manager who was watching the CCTV footage at the time also believed they had put their penises on the scale. Unfortunately the footage, when viewed in court, was inconclusive as there was no clear shot of their privates. Court therefore found him not guilty of public indecency. Hmm, guess we will never know how much it weighed!

Psst Remind me never to use scales ever again!


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No, That’s Not What Is Meant By Public Toilet!

Oh dear god, say it isn’t so.He could have at least wiped his ass!


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