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Family Affair

embarrassedEgads, couple Adriana and Leandro, who had both been abandoned as babies, decided to each look for their birth mothers only to discover ….. you guessed it ….same mother. Oh no, brother and sis. The couple discovered the bizarre and creepy truth after the wife appeared on local radio requesting help to find her long lost mother. After tracking her down the radio station interviewed the pair and that is when her mother revealed she had also abandoned a son Leandro. Well that’s just awks. The couple have a six year old child together.

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No Friggin Takers!

There goes the neighborhood!

Gee Austrians aren’t very entrepreneurial, they’re going to pull down the former house of  nasty incest monster, Josef Fritzl. Sheez, if that was American it would be a museum or dismantled and sent to the Smithsonian. Anywho, the dungeon where Elisabeth was kept as a sex slave by her daddy for 24 years and gave birth to 7 children will be leveled because developers couldn’t sell it for love or money. Even after it’s demolished it’s believed a domestic violence awareness centre will be built there instead of houses.


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Start Learning To Pluck Those Banjos Switzerland

Wow, Switzerland are currently proposing to decriminalize incest. Yep, you heard right. If a parent wants to sleep with his or her adult child or siblings want to get down and dirty with each other, who is the Swiss government to stand in their way.  A spokesperson for the Justice Department said “Incest continues to be a taboo in our society, but it’s not up to criminal law to stop every morally reprehensible aspect of behavior.” Dear god, just what the world needs, friggin inbreeding. Good luck with that!


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Hi Honey, I’m Home

I have dreams!

As if being married to Josef Fritzl isn’t enough to make your skin crawl. The incest monster, who kept has daughter in a dungeon for 24 years raping the life out of her, has confessed he can’t wait to get out of jail so he can get back into the arms of his “loyal” wife. What the friggin hell? Yes, Fritzl is adamant that his wife still loves him and dreams of getting out so he can look after her. Run lady, friggin run! So far not his wife, daughter or grandkids kids have made contact with daddy dearest.


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You’re Not the Messiah You Just A Very Naughty Creep!

Who the hell is he?

OK, here’s a novel excuse for raping your five daughters…the Messiah complex . Aswad Ayinde (aka Eric or Charles McGill) allegedly had sex with and fathered several children by his daughters because he believed his bloodline would be the only one to survive the impending apocalypse. Hmm, so it wasn’t because you were some sick friggin bastard then? Many of the rapes occurred in an abandoned New Jersey funeral home where the family were squatting. Along with the regular raping sessions, Mr Ayinde beat the children with boards and steel capped boots to keep them from squealing about the atrocities. Geez, imagine THAT bloodline being the “chosen” one.

Psst At least two babies died at birth and several who survived suffer from health problems. None of the offsprings have birth certificates.


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King Tut Not All That

Wishful thinking!

Well any romantic ideas I ever had about Tutankhamen have pretty much been ruined after Egyptian antiquities expert Dr Zahi Hawass revealed the real truth. King Tut had a club foot, a cleft palate and walked with a hobble, all thanks to incest . Yes, DNA testing has confirmed, his parents were actually brother and sister. But it was the long line of inbreeding which is believed to have lead to Tut’s bone disease (Marfan Syndrome). Hello, they had to keep their sacred bloodline going. Experts now think King Tut most probably died from malaria after breaking his leg. The hole in the back of his skull was merely caused by the mummification process and not by some murderous plot.

Psst Does that make them redneck Egyptians?

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