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Cashed Up Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy increases ratesGood news little snowflakes it seems the tooth fairy is dishing out on average $3.70 per tooth, up 40% from 2011. So that’s like 20 x 3.70, which equals 74 bucks the set. Not bad.


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Wo ist die Arbeitslosigkeit Linie

Standby Germany, seems the Greeks are rushing to German language classes in Athens in their droves. Nothing like the fear of your country falling off the Euro perch to get you motivated into a learning a different language. Hmm, might want to order in some extra feta and moussaka.


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Hey Doc, What Is That Rash?

Well it wasn't me!!!!

Oh my, if you are a senior cit you may want to sit down for this. Seems STDs amongst the oldies are on the rise in the US and  syphillis and chlamydia are the top rankers. In the past 5 years the increase of sexually transmitted diseases among those 55 and older increased by 43%. Oh and if you live in Florida make that 71%. Seems no one gave them the safe sex talk. The increase is being blamed on healthier lives  and Viagra. Hmm, obviously there is more than just bingo happening at retirement communities.

Want a cream for that?


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McLovin It

You know the end of the world is near when McDonalds open up a two lane drive-thru. Would you like fries with that? The new double lane will be opening in Telford, Shropshire, Kent and Edinburgh before being extended to all over the UK. Seems fast food has become the food of choice during the recession and the extra lane is necessary to deal with the massive increase in takers.


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Put Up a Friggin Fence

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

You know while the rest of the world battles with an increase surge in violence, Scotland is quietly dealing with their own growing problem….hedge rage. Oh hell yeah, and its  spiralling out of control says Community Safety Minister, Fergus Ewing.What orginally starts off as a wee hedge drama often develops into a Rob Roy or at the very least a neighborly hagis hurling spat. Evidently some hedge growers have zero empathy for their neighbors or the issues they have to deal with in maintaining a hedge.  So anywho to find solutions for this growing problem and to avoid any further anti social hedge behavior they are having a three month consultation. Atta boys.


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