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No Toilet, No Come Home

toilet 6An Indian woman who left her hubby because they didn’t have a decent toilet in their house has agreed to return on the condition a flusher is installed. The poor woman and her two kids had to plonk in the open because there was no loo.


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How to Scare A Ghost

Rotting body scared away ghostA family in India left a dead body rotting in their house to ward off ghosts. Shame it didn’t ward off the neighbors, who , having put up with  the stench for months, finally reported them to authorities. When police searched the house they found the decomposing body of a women in an upstairs room. Seems the entire family suffers from severe psychological problems so when their father and brother died some bright spark told them it was probably a ghost that scared them to death and the only way to stop the ghost was to leave a body in the house. So as fate would have it, when their sister died they left her in the house for 10 months. Terrible smell but no ghost. Happy Halloween Loons


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Indian Baby Spontaneously Combusts

Indian baby keeps bursting into flamesOMG, what the hell ? A three month old baby boy is currently in an Indian hospital because he allegedly keeps bursting into flames . Doctors think he maybe excreting flammable gases through his skin or alternatively his mother is simply lying . According to the mother  the poor little bub has spontaneously combusted 4 times causing horrific burns.

Psst Nappy changing must be a challenge…one fart…kaboom! Hmm, too far?

Want sauce with that?


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On The Bright Side, Free Food and Board

Woman left in jail for 19 years because couldn't pay $92 bailYou think you’ve had it tough? Spare a thought for an Indian woman who spent 19 years in jail because she couldn’t afford the $92 bail. OK, sure she was in jail for murder but she had no idea that the judge had granted her bail. Her son, who she gave birth to in jail, spent years working in a garment factory to save up for the money. This week she was finally released.

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Ray Of Hope For Acid Attack Victim

An Indian  woman who was the victim of a horriffic acid attack when she was a teenager has won $70,000 in India’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The show’s host said ‘The nation salutes her as do all of us, but simultaneously hangs its head in shame for this dastardly act.’ In 2003 Sonali was left partially blind and deaf after she rejected a boy’s advances and he and his mates later broke into her house and doused her with acid while she slept. Since the attack she has received no state funding for her 22 operations nor have her attacker’s been properly punished (each only receiving 4 months jail). Her family sold their land and mother’s jewellery to pay for the numerous operations. The winnings will help pay for further plastic surgery.

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The Worst Exotic Marigold Hotel

Wealthy woman dups disabled husband in IndiaHere’s a novel way to cut care costs for your disabled hubby. Take him to a really, really, poverty stricken area in India and pay some randoms £1,500 a month to take care of him and viola. It will save you the £6,000 a month in care bills you are paying in Switzerland. Trick is not to get caught like the wealthy 65 year old banker. She left her hubby with some Indian “carers” and jetted back to her life of luxury in Zurich but he died 9 months later from neglect and poor hygiene. She still would have gotten away with it had those damn carers not notified the Swiss authorities that he had died, been cremated and chucked in the river. That’s 4 years behind bars right there. Hmm, now she really is a scum dog millionaire.

Want sauce with that?


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Julia Gillard Face Plants in India

OK, I know it’s wrong to laugh but Blahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahaha. For those not on the island, this is Australia’s Prime Minister face planting in India. Heels are a bitch in soft grass!!!!

Psst If that was me I would play dead. How embarrassing.


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Monkey Business

Is that a monkey in your underwear or are you just happy to see me? A man was arrested at an Indian airport after he was caught trying to smuggle a 7-inch-long loris monkey in his undies . The poor endangered species was heading to Dubai . I hate to think what would have kept the poor thing amused during the trip 😯


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Holy Indian Misinterpretation Batman

Rajesh Shah, a men’s clothing shop owner in India, has upset the local Jewish population by naming his store “Hitler”. Shah named it after his business partner’s grandfather who was nicknamed Hitler. Shah swears the only thing he knew about the Nazi dictator was he was strict.  Hmm, me thinks he fibs as he has used the Indian swastika for the dot above the i.


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A Mobile Home


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