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Bad Parrot

parrotAfter continually getting cursed at by a parrot as she walked passed the house of her stepson, an 85 year old Indian woman did the only thing she thought right…..dobbed the feathery creature into police. Despite the parrot being detained for swearing it remained tight beaked and refused to mutter a single obscenity. The woman believes her stepson trained the parrot to shout obscene words and phrases at only her , following a family dispute.

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Made In India

An Indian space rocket carrying an advanced communication satellite was intentionally kaboomed 47 seconds after lift-off because it veered off course. Hmm, and whats more, the whole friggin disaster was captured on live TV, awkward.

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Two And A Half Years In A Coffin

What the? Indian biotechnology scientist, Rajab Killaker spent two and a half years locked in a coffin after he refused to give a family his bungalow. Hitesh Karavadra whacked Mr Killaker over the head with a baseball bat, kidnapped him, then kept him in a 6 foot 3″ coffin, only letting him out once a day for a meal. The poor man was only rescued after police received a tip off. Now Mr Killaker has laid charges against up to seven members of Mr Karavadra’s family.


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