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Roaches On Coaches

New York bound bus infested with roachesOh for crying out loud people, roaches can take holidays too. Seems passengers on a bus going from Atlantic City to New York got all uppity when they realised a family of cockroaches were onboard. Yeah sure, it was a friggin big ,extended family of roaches but people, how do you think they were going to get back to New York… hitch hike? One disgusted passenger said “I sat down – roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything,”  OK, fine, I agree the roaches should have been more polite and just sat quietly at the back of the bus but really, did you have to make the bus driver pull over and radio for assistance?


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Last one into to the upstairs bath is a dirty rat.

You spend one million dollars on your dream home in Winnipeg without bothering to have it inspected first, of course you are going to discover all the walls are infested with mice. And by mice I mean, so bad “All you see is just feces and urine”. Experts believe the mice have been sharing the abode for about five years. The woman , who has had to have all the drywall ripped out and every millimetre disinfected, is considering suing the previous owners. Hello,  she should be just grateful it wasn’t snakes!!!!

Psst Who buys a million dollar house in Winnipeg?


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Honey, I Hope That’s You!

Someone looking for a really, really, really cheap house in Idaho? Hello, five bedroom for $109,000!! One catch. It has a small snake problem. OK, a big friggin snake problem. The entire house is infested with garter snakes. Come on people, garter snakes are harmless.  OK, they like slithering in the ceilings and between walls but they don’t bite. That’s gotta be a bonus, right? Anywho, the house is on the market after the previous owners fled and the price has been slashed by $65,000. A Pest inspector estimates there are thousands of snakes living in the house. Reason? The house was built on a snake den. Phew, least it wasn’t built on an Indian burial site!


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Now That’s A Fine Waste of Money!

OMG, after spending $421 million on a state court building in the middle of one of the poorest areas in the Bronx 2 years ago, guess what? It’s friggin imploding. Yep, the ceilings are leaking, glass windows have been boarded, stairs have been yellow police taped, sewage is seeping, flies are infesting, air condition ain’t working and the underground parking has been cordoned off because the ceiling is sinking. What’s worse is there are up to 37 friggin lawsuits flying back left, right and center as the blame game begins. Go on, take a pick, contractors, subcontractors, testing companies, architects, construction managers, the city or the project manager, who’s to blame? The 775,000-square-foot, sleek glass Bronx Hall of Justice building was designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects and was intended to spruce up the area but instead has become a friggin “Bronx Hall of horrors”.

Psst To top it all off, the building took two extra years to complete and was $121 million over budget.

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