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The Worst Possible Inheritance Ever

A seriously unfortunate man in Florida has just inherited … wait for it…. a 13,000 piece clown collection, which includes dolls, puppets, figurines, paintings,costumes and photographs. The collection belonged to his father-in-law  Jack “Clown Jackey” Kline,  who spent over 50 years amassing it. Hmm, I have just one thing to say, sleep with one eye open!!!


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Homeless Man Inherits a Fortune

Max Melitzer is one damn lucky homeless man. He’ll be packing up his shopping trolley and ditching the cardboard box for the good life. He’s just inherited a shit load of money from his brother. A private investigator has been searching the streets and abandoned storage sheds around Salt Lake City looking for Max to tell him, the good news.

Psst I hope his brother isn’t Nigerian?

Want sauce with that?


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Poor Porn Baron

Blahahahah poor little rich boy just got wiped out of daddy’s will because he makes porn movies. And by inheritance I mean £46 million. Geesh! The late sixth Lord Feversham disinherited his eldest son Jasper and gave the lot to his three other children and second wife. Oh but all isn’t lost, he still gets to inherit his father’s title. So the porn baron is also known as the seventh Lord Feversham.


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