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It’s Only A Flesh Wound

If you are a British soldier don’t expect too much sympathy from your insurance agent if a Taliban bullet nearly takes your head off because according to them that ain’t nothing but a “flesh wound”. British Royal Marine, Liam Brentley, suffered brain damage when a Taliban bullet ripped through parts of his skull, jaw and brain but insurers Chartis told him it was only a “flesh wound”. Hmm, as a result Mr Brentley received a payout of just $2,400. However Chartis said if in a year he still has a permanent injury he will get more cash.  An angry Gary Brentley (Liam’s father) said  “I’m stunned and insulted. A flesh wound is surely a graze from a bullet – my son had half of his head blown off.” Evidently “flesh wound” refers to all injuries inflicted by a bullet regardless of the extent.


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