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An Innocent Man

A big shout out to Andre Davis from Chicago who has spent the last 32 years behind bars for the rape and murder of a three year old girl he DID NOT commit. Thank goodness for DNA. Davis went in as a teen and has finally been released a middle aged man.¬† ūüė¶


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Bales’ Wife Believes Her Husband Is Innocent

You know, it’s bad enough that Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is accused of murdering 17 afghan civilians in a shooting rampage but to interview Bale’s wife who says “I just don’t think he was involved,” is pretty damn irresponsible. In respect to all the soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan and the families of the victims this kind of journalism helps no one!!!

Psst Had Bales shot 17 US soldiers I’m sure the situation would be very different.

2nd Psst It also makes me very uneasy that President Obama has given the victim’s families $50,000 each in hush money compensation.

Want sauce with that?


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Amanda Knox Is Free


Well, well, well, the American girl, Amanda Knox, accused of murdering her roommate in Italy has been acquitted after four years behind Italian bars. She was cleared of all charges except for slander after she accused a bar owner of the murder. Her released was secure after a judge ruled that the DNA presented in the original trial was to be rejected due to contamination. Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend was also freed following the announcement of the verdict but Rudy Guede, the third suspect,¬† will remain behind bars as he’s exhausted all of his appeals.

Sadly, a big question mark will now hang over the murder of the 21 year old British student, Meredith Kercher, who was found half naked with her throat cut in what was believed to have been a sex game gone wrong.


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Casey Anthony Innocent?


OMG, so if Casey Anthony didn’t kill her daughter Caylee, who did? In a stunning turn of events the jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her daughter, instead convicted her of lying to investigators. The case received world wide attention after the decomposed body of two year old Caylee was found after her grandmother reported her missing. During the investigation Casey Anthony changed her story numerous times about the whereabouts of her daughter ,who had been missing for a month before the grandmother notified police.

Psst I assume this means double jeopardy and another innocent victim goes into the unsolved files.


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Dr Crippen Didn’t Do It

OMG, remember Dr Hawley Crippen the American homeopathic physician who was convicted of poisoning his wife, Cora , in London over a hundred years ago? No? Well anywho, thanks to DNA testing, we now know he didn’t do it. Shame they hanged him for it. Awkward. Scientists have confirmed the headless and limbless body found at the couple’s home in the coal cellar wasn’t hers but a male’s . So were the hell did Cora get to? Who the hell belongs to the body? OK, to be fair Crippen may have bumped off the man but given that police only discovered a piece of skin, curlers with bleached hair and a piece of Men’s pjs it would have been hard to prove jack! Where is friggin Sherlock when you need him?

Want some sauce with that?


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Thank Goodness For The Innocence Project

Innocent I say, innocent!

OK, for the good news…three men who served 30 years for rape and murder in a Mississippi prison have had their convictions quashed after DNA proved they were innocent. Bad news, one of the men died eight years ago in prison. Bobby Dixon, Phillip Bivens and Larry Ruffin (deceased) were sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Eva Gail Patterson in 1979.This year the Innocence Project filed a petition on behalf of the men to have new DNA tests done and viola, it wasn’t them. The two are now free, but probably really pissed off, men. OK, want to hear the good news/bad news part, DNA matched another man, Andrew Harris, who is serving a life sentence for a 1981 rape in another Mississippi prison.

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To Be Or Not To Be

Hmm, here’s the thing, you have been on death row for 15 years but you swear you’re innocent, what ya gonna do? Go on friggin Youtube and plead your case, that’s what. Jeffrey Matthews and his friend Tracy Dyer were found guilty of killing Otis Short in Oklahoma in 1994. Dyer admitted guilt and got life but Matthews denied even being there and got the death penalty. As a last ditch effort to get the Governor of Oklahoma to reopen the case he has made a plea via Youtube.

Here’s the story

Here’s the plea

So what do you think loons, guilty or innocent? Should they have a retrial or lethally inject?

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No Seriously Honey, It Wasn’t Me!!!

You know what I hate? When your wallet gets stolen by a sex offender and he uses your name as an alias and kaboom, you’re on a sex offender registry forever. I really friggin hate that. Dan Wheeler from Washington has been arrested, refused jobs and been rejected as a foster parent all because of a stolen identity. Both police and prosecutors have told him there is zip, nada, zilch that can be done about it. Evidently when a sex offender is arrested using an alias, that name is kept on file forever.

Psst Oh for goodness sakes why don’t the police include a photograph of the “real” Dan Wheeler on file so they can give him some piece of mind or issue him with a different social security number.

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Man Claims Amanda Knox Is innocent

Are they innocent?

Just when you thought Foxy Knoxy was as guilty as sin, up pops a friggin Mafia dude claiming his brother was the killer all along. Luciano Aviello, who is currently serving 17 years in prison, is adamant it was his brother who killed Meredith Kercher and not Amanda Knox. And whats more, he says he has the evidence to prove it. Luciano claims his brother Antonio turned up unexpectedly at his house the night of the murder covered in blood. He told him he had bungled a burglary and killed a woman. Luciano then hid the bloody knife and the keys to Kercher and Knox’s apartment under a little wall behind his house. Despite writing several letters to the presiding judge during the trial his story was never investigated.


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DNA Again Proves A Man’s Innocence


Well I think there may be a party going on in New York tonight in honor of Frank Sterling who has just been exonerated after spending 19 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Hallelujah for DNA people. Mr Sterling originally confessed to the murder of 74 year old Viola Manville in 1988¬†after being interrogated all night and then slipping into a hypnotic state. Despite years of protesting his innocence it was only recent DNA testing that vindicated the truck driver and also identified the real killer as being Mark Christie ( who has now confessed).


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