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Thank God For The Innocence Project of Florida

James Bain has spent 35 years in jail for raping a child. Sounds bad huh? Well only if he had friggin done it! DNA has proven his innocence, not that it will give him back even a second of what he has missed out on. Mr Bain was given a life sentence in 1974 for the kidnapping and rape of a 9 year old boy. The evidence relied heavily on the victim’s eyewitness identification of the attacker, describing him as having a mustache and bushy sideburns. It was the boy’s uncle (a former high school principal) who later said it fitted the description of a former student Mr Bain. Despite Mr Bain having a solid alibi (watching TV with his sister) he was arrested after the boy picked him out of a photo line-up.

Psst The first thing Mr Bain (54) did on his release was ring his elderly mom on a mobile phone, something that didn’t exist when he was locked away in 1974, to tell her he was a free and innocent man.
2nd Psst Mr Bain is expected to receive $50,000 for each year he was in prison.
3rd Psst Merry Christmas Mr Bain.


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