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Honey Have You Seen My Bath Salts?

This fly spray is good shit!

Attention all drug users in Louisiana, the rumor you heard that bath salts, fertilizer or insect repellent can be sniffed to give you a high like cocaine or speed is a friggin lie, you will end up either in an emergency room or lining up outside the pearly gates. Seems some of these products contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) which is way more potent than Ritalin or cocaine. The only problem is the side effects are evil, not only will you be up for days but the hallucinations will make you more paranoid than Kim Jong Il’s fashion adviser. Hmm, sounds more like the drug is good for thinning out the herd.


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Insects Get A Reprieve!

Geez, that will explain why I keep pissing down my leg !

Oh dear god, pregnant women, step away from the insect repellent now! European researchers have discovered a link between bug spray and penis birth defects in babies. The defect in question is  hypospadias, which basically means the opening of the penis ends up on the underside away from the tip. Ooh messy. Anywho, after major studies they think the most likely culprit is N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (it’s friggin DEET OK!) an active ingredient found in most repellents. You can read more about it here Courier Mail.


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