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Silly Sausage

Do you know the quickest way to get deported from Kyrgyzstan? Well, if you are a Scottish mine worker, posting that their national dish looks like a horse penis on Facebook will do it. Yes, the Scottish worker was arrested and then given his marching orders after posting a photo of his co-workers lining up for their chuchuck sausage and including the horse penis reference. Evidently, he was lucky to have dodged a 5 year jail sentence for race hate.

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Thank Goodness They Were From SOUTH Korea

soccer3Sheez, when the South Korean football team returned home from the World Cup, having only scored a single friggin point, they were greeted by angry fans who pelted them with …wait for it … candies . OK, in some countries that would be considered awesome, right Wombies? Anywho, it seems in South Korea “go eat a toffee” is the ultimate insult and basically equivalent to “screw you”.


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Biggest Insult EVER

A US executive is suing her boss (and scent making firm Firmenich) for $6 million after he told her she looked like Susan Boyle. Sheez, only $6 million?

Want sauce with that?


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No Balls

new york woman tells robber he hasnt the balls to shoot herWord of warning to any would-be robbers planning to mug a PJ wearing New Yorker by putting a gun to her head. She is going to cut you down so bad, you won’t have time to scratch them. When the woman snuck out of her NY apartment for a smoke, she sprung two thieves robbing her car . When she confronted them, one placed a gun to her forehead and told her ” I’ll shoot you bitch” . Big mistake.  He got this response back … “No, you won’t.” …. followed by….  “It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have balls to do that. And you have none.” Ouch. While the mugger processed the insult, one of her friends jumped him. The two were last seen fleeing down the road.

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What happened to democracy?

Called the gaming minister a wimp....and you?

The Victorian Parliament of Australia is about to pass legislation which will make it a criminal offence to assault, obstruct, hinder, threaten, abuse, insult or intimidate Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien. The reason? The Victorian government feel it’s “reasonably necessary to respect the rights and reputation of the minister and authorised persons”. Hmm, yeah,isn’t  that’s the same reasoning as China and North Korea?  Anywho, once the law is passed  it won’t be long before every minister in Australia will be seeking the same privilege. Bye, bye democracy, accountability and freedom of speech .

Psst If found guilty of an insult, that’s a $12,000 fine right there!


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Strip Show On Uluru

No honey, no.Stripping off on top of Uluru, Australia’s most sacred rock, and doing a friggin dance as a “tribute” to Aborigines and their culture aint going win them over. Hmm, you are more likely to get the bone pointed at ya. Alizee Sery, a French exotic dancer, told reporters after her impromptu strip show “What we need to remember is that traditionally, the Aboriginal people were living naked. So stripping down was a return to what it was like.” Oh dear god, SHUT UP.

Psst Thank goodness she wasn’t playing a didgeridoo !

UPDATE : The Central Land Council, who represent the traditional owners of Uluru, want Julia Gillard to deport  Sery. Hmm,  fat chance of that considering all the illegals we  are greeting with wide open arms!


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