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I Didn’t Even Know It Was A Thing

Apparently, insurance scams are a big thing in Asia, who knew? People are throwing themselves (very obviously) in front of vehicles in the hope of collecting a payout. Just bless. I love these people.


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Not A Leg To Stand On

What’s the quickest way to make $250,000? Well, if you don’t mind losing a hand and foot you could always attempt an insurance scam. Just ask the Vietnamese guy who persuaded his friend to lob off her limbs. The man cut off his friend’s hand and foot and plonked her near a railway line before ringing an ambulance, in the hope of claiming medical insurance. Unfortunately for her, the ruse came undone when police became sus about the story and did some digging. The trick , it seems,  is not to have a failing business. Now she is an unemployed, limbless pauper. Oh well.

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Punisher Shows No Mercy To Russian Drivers

Meet the “Punisher”, a Russian bus driver who rams anyone who cuts in front of him. Alexei Volkov has been posting his efforts online since 2007 and has now become a folk hero. Even the police and judges are on his side. He’s rammed over a 100 drivers and still hasn’t lost a court case or his license. Volkov set up his dashcam video because he believed some drivers were deliberately cutting in and braking to claim insurance. The dude’s a legend.


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Insurance Scam Fail

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to set up an insurance scam, don’t be assuming the “brown” policeman can’t speak 7 friggin languages. When constable Charanjit Meharu arrived at a suspected home burglary in Calgary the alleged victim was hysterical, claiming she had lost everything. Hmm, then her father rang. She told her father over the phone (in French) that she and her boyfriend had set up the robbery so they could claim the insurance. This while Constable Meharu took notes. When she finally hung up he told her ‘Merci beaucoup.’

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Lucky Country Indeed Jaspeet Singh

Remember Jaspeet Singh who set fire to his car in an insurance scam and blamed it on racist thugs, thus  starting a friggin international war of words with India ? Well guess what? He walked free from court today despite admitting his guilt. In handing down her sentence Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton said Singh’s crime was a stupid “premeditated enterprise” that brought shame to himself, his family and his community.  Hmm, so  she then gave him an eight months  jail sentence, but suspended it for two years. Singh, who lives in Australia on his wife’s spousal visa, set fire to his $8,000 car in an attempted insurance scam but when he accidentally set  fire to himself , he blamed it on racist Aussie thugs. The president of People Against Lenient Sentencing, Steve Medcraft said “Tell him to grab his petrol can and take it home,”

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Well, Isn’t This Interesting?

Would I lie to you?

Remember the Indian man in Melbourne, Jaspreet Singh, who said he was set alight by racist Australians last month? Hmm, well guess what?  It is being alleged by police the man in question was injured trying to torch his car for an insurance claim and not by some racist Aussie. Oh boy, Mr Singh, who is in Australia on his wife’s student visa, told police last month he was doused in petrol and set alight while parking his car. All hell broke loose in India over the incident. Well, the arson squad told the hearing that from studying the damage to the car, Mr Singh’s clothes and his injuries it was obvious little was consistent with his story. Their conclusion was Mr Singh more than likely received his burns (to 15% of his body) when failing to safely torch his 2003 Ford Futura. Oh and before anyone cries foul, police have security footage of Mr Singh buying a 15 litre plastic container and 1596 litres of petrol on the day before the attack and evidence he was in financial trouble. Of course he is denying the claims.

Psst The story was brought to you by I Don’t Do Mornings …Cazzie and the letters W,T and F!


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Don’t Fib in Brazil!

Two British law graduates sentenced to 16 months in Brazilian slumsBummer. The two British law graduates, who lied about a being robbed to scam insurance in Brazil, have been given their punishment. Oh dear and they won’t be happy. The judge has ordered Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner to work in Rio slums for either 1 hour every day for 16 months or 7 hours a day for 8 months (choose your poison!). No I am serious, 16 months or 8 months, in Rio slums! They will be lucky to get out of this alive! Some of these slums ‘favelas’ are so lawless not even police will dare venture into them!  Ooh and the two 23 year olds won’t be allowed to return to the UK until they have spent at least 8 months doing their community service.  Not surprising they have immediately appealed!

Psst Additional bummer…it is highly likely the two will be barred from entering the legal profession when they return home because of their criminal record.

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