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Insurance Company Says NO

Inot’s bad enough when a corpse explodes in the apartment above yours, but what a nightmare when your insurance agency refuses to cover the damage made to your ceiling..Reason? Hello, we don’t cover for exploding bodies.

Psst Florida


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No Polar Bear Cover

ambulanceYou know what I hate? When you discover your Canadian insurance doesn’t cover the costs of being attacked by a polar bear. Hmm, should have checked the fine print before walking home from a Halloween party in Manitoba. The woman was minding her own beeswax when the angry beast jumped out from nowhere tore off a chuck of her scalp, severed three arteries  and took part of her ear. To add salt to the injury her insurance company won’t cover the cost of her emergency transportation, a whopping $13,000.

Hmm, I better check to see if mine covers being attacked by wombats, wallabies or Great Whites …just saying.



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No Longer Appealing

Hmm, the auto insurance industry in Massachusetts are at a loss as to why so many fewer motorist are appealing traffic accidents or traffic violations since they introduced fees and surcharges.


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Thanks a Million

Whatever you do Loons, don’t figgin give birth while holidaying in Canada. An Aussie woman has got herself a whopping million dollar medical bill thanks to her little bub Piper. Ms Evans went into premature labour as she was about to board a plane out of Canada, three months later she was still there (in hospital that is) with the bill just ticking away. Seems her travel insurance won’t cover her labour or the baby’s hospital care. Hmm, so lets see, $8120 a day for 90 days, plus doctors and specialists bills…hand me a martini!!! Oh but don’t worry loons the hospital have given them a pay off plan. Yep $300 a month. Hmm, which means they should be square in 278 years!!!!


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Burning Down A House 101

OK here’s the thing man whose mansion is burning, don’t be telling neighbors not to help put it out because you’re insured, that’s a sure way to get arrested. Trevor John Mack has been accused of burning down his million dollar home on the Gold Coast. Reason? Well the sure tell signs it wasn’t no accident…his car and a storage shed were packed with his belongings (including his current insurance policy) and an upturned jerry can was found at the scene. He says he didn’t but his ex wife (who he owes a substantial amount of money) says otherwise.

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Friggin Lawyers

Holy crap, a little overboard with the background footage don’t ya think?


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Have You Read Your Health and Safety Guidelines Yet?


Thank you Nanny State and Eccesiastical Insurance.  They have been working especially hard this year to produce  the “guide to carol singing”  so we don’t have the tragedies of Christmas pasts. You know, when our precious little snowflakes sang in the middle of the road and kaboom! Or when  little missy’s hair ignited from an unprotected candle flame. The four page leaflet is a sure fire way to guarantee your little sprog  will return home safely this festive season!

Psst I must say I was a little disappointed it glossed over some vital carol singing hazards such as “how to dodge a bullet without dropping your candle” or “how to disarm someone coming at you with a knife.” and the all time classic ” How to cope with rejection when people shout at you to ‘Shut the f*** up or I’ll call the cops'”


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