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Porn Star Has Penis Insured

Here’s a Trivial Pursuit question for you. How much did the British porn studio Brazzers insure their number one porn star’s penis for? Hmm, if you said a million bucks, stand up and clap. After Keiran Lee had a medical exam, to make sure his thingamajiggy was all fit and healthy, he was given the stamp of approval. Here’s the bitch though, the policy doesn’t include loss of penis and, if by some strange chance, the family jewels gets injured, his boss gets the pay out. Porn stars aren’t bright, are they?

Psst  I wonder if the policy includes impotence?  A curious Loon wants to know!!!


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Burning Down A House 101

OK here’s the thing man whose mansion is burning, don’t be telling neighbors not to help put it out because you’re insured, that’s a sure way to get arrested. Trevor John Mack has been accused of burning down his million dollar home on the Gold Coast. Reason? Well the sure tell signs it wasn’t no accident…his car and a storage shed were packed with his belongings (including his current insurance policy) and an upturned jerry can was found at the scene. He says he didn’t but his ex wife (who he owes a substantial amount of money) says otherwise.

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